Newsflash: San Jose’s Sun Power Corp. To Build Largest “Solar” Power Plant In Florida published this deansguide article July 10, 2008

In breaking news, Sun Power Corporation of San Jose, California announced it has inked a deal to build the largest “photovoltaic” solar power plant in the country. Photovoltaic technology, unlike most power plants that utilize big mirrors to capture the sun’s energy, utilizes “the same solar panels that homeowners install on their rooftops” according to the S.F. Chronicle’s David R. Baker.

Florida Power & Light Co., an electric utility has ordered two power plants from Sun Power. The first, and larger of the two plants, will be built in DeSoto County. The DeSoto plant will generate “up to 25 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 18,750 homes.” This plant is scheduled to open next year if the projects win regulatory approval in the state.

The second plant, producing up to 10 megawatts, is slated for the Kennedy Space Center by 2010.

Why Photovoltaic?

Although photovoltaic solar plants produce far less energy than solar thermal plants, photovoltaic perform far better in cloudy, humid locations. Florida is the “prototype” of humid, cloudy conditions


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