Blogburst Blog Syndication Service: Traffic And Exposure On A World Stage

Blogburst is a service that any serious blogger must explore. It provides a channel for your content directly to major media news agencies across the globe. The following story is a blogburst success story as it provides exposure for my work, promotes a well deserving friend’s work, and gives many people a look at what they can accomplish. The article on John’s public speaking was written on June 27, 2008.

John Harper of the Harper Team in Danville, California was the subject of my last article about how to become an expert and go to source for your community through public speaking. In the article “Realtor John Harper Keynote Speaking Strategy: Become An Expert And Go To Source For Your Community” I chronicled John’s next workshop and how he is building a public speaking platform within his business.


Blogburst is a content aggregation service aka free lance that is by membership only. You submit your blog, stand alone blogs only sorry, and they determine if you have the traffic and content that would interest their media clientele. Their clientele numbers over 100 publications with some of the big names being the Wall St. Journal; Reuters News Agency; Nielsen; FoxBusiness News; IBS; Chicago Sun-Times and many others.

The article I produced on John today was published on my stand alone blog at and on Active Rain.

Great News From

Today’s article on John Harper “Realtor John Harper Keynote Speaking Strategy; Become An expert And Go To Source For your Community” has been published and placed on FoxBusiness News through

Link to John’s article:

Congratulations John!

For More Information

If you have a stand alone blog and you are curious as to my experience with blogburst, feel free to contact me. I have over 100 of my articles published on Blogburst from Reuters; Nielsen; Chicago Sun-Times; FoxBusiness; Computer Shopper; and IBS which represents many NBC television affiliates around the country.

4 thoughts on “Blogburst Blog Syndication Service: Traffic And Exposure On A World Stage

  1. Ray “Sellum” Nellum,

    Thanks Ray I appreciate the kind words. I have a lot of blogging articles, and other real estate related stuff if you check out the drop down box on my right sidebar or the search box below the feedburner widget.

    AR is a solid place for ideas, thanks for reading and “feeding” stay in touch!


  2. they’ve approached me recently and approved my blog, i’m still deciding whether to participate. any downsides with them?


  3. Mal,

    Go with it! Downsides include a few bugs but it is far more compelling to have major media sites pick up your content through blogburst than trying to push yourself forward as a freelance writer without any connections.

    If you do well and later want to go out on your own you then will have a “portfolio” of articles that major media types felt compelled to publish–

    Go for it and intro yourself to Dock Myrick. Dock is the best!


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