Realtor John Harper Keynote Speaking Strategy: Become An Expert And Go To Source For Your Community published this deansguide article June 27, 2008

John Harper of theharperteam in Danville, California is the best example, template, for Realtors who understand the value of marketing yourself through public speaking. John is an expert, and I don’t use that term very often, in online networking aka social networking. Even more critical to his efforts is the fact that John is an expert in understanding the value of creating a public speaking platform within your business.

Learn How From John Harper

If you wish to understand how to become a go to source of free valuable information to your community as a workshop or keynote speaker, attend John’s presentation “Strategic Thinking About Your Career” Saturday June 28. The workshop is being held at “CPC” Job Seeker’s Group meeting from 9:30-11:30am at the Community Presbyterian Church ( 222 West El Pintado, Room #100 ) in Danville.

In my article for Active Rain How To Win New Clients, Build A Contact List, And Become An Expert In A Niche: Employment Networking Groups Your Ticket To Leads And New Partnerships” I outline the benefits of providing keynote speaking-workshops to employment groups.

Benefits of Public Speaking

1. Create Awareness: help people know you and your business

2. Community Resource: Establish yourself as a resource of free valuable information to your community

3. Build a List: Build a client list from your audience

4. Remain in the Public Eye: Remind your community that you are in business and there to help them all the time

5. Hone your Speaking Skills: Practice makes perfect, builds confidence, and creates expertise

6. Blog Content: Now you have a place, speaking engagement, to bring your blog articles to life. In addition your appearances provide blog content

7. Network: Become a go to source to help others network within your community of contacts

4 thoughts on “Realtor John Harper Keynote Speaking Strategy: Become An Expert And Go To Source For Your Community

  1. Dean – Thanks for the blurb. The group I am addressing is a job seekers group. I have found very few professionals that are leveraging the Internet effectively to bring the jobs to them. Most have moved from searching print want ads to online ads and job posting sites, but it is the rare individual that is running their own online PR campaign to set themselves apart from the crowd.

  2. John,

    Great point and that is exactly what we have the power to do today: be our own publicist. Unemployment is tough but often job seekers lull themselves into a false sense of security when attending groups. They believe they are doing all they can do and fail to make phone inquiries (15 per day)or socially network online with LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and other sites with connectivity.


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  4. John,

    That pink arrow says it all-I haven’t heard the “Stallion” reference is a very long time. As for Philly weight, it’s a lot of chicken and sans on the beef. Excellent writing and thank you for the kind mentions!


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