#1 Tip For Blog Traffic To New Bloggers: You Have To Become A Social Networker

If one thing has helped to elevate my traffic, provide incoming links to my pages, and make my blog https://deansguide.wordpress.com more valuable to my marketing efforts, it is social networking. The best thing a new blogger can do is become a commenting social networker in their industry blogosphere niche.

According to SEO expert Courtney Tuttle, www.courtneytuttle.com, new bloggers must perform the following:

1. Write 50-60 touches per day via email requests or comments on blog posts with your blog’s url embedded within the comment.

2. Write articles based on prominent blogger’s positions on topics important to your niche

How Do I Start?

Identify then target the top bloggers in your niche and region of the country. You can Google search the top keyword phrases for your niche

Then What?

Leave comments on their latest articles aka posts. Always remember to leave your blog or website url so that others can follow the link back to your site

Last Idea

When you find an article you like or dislike utilize the subject as a basis for your own article. Compare and contrast, analyze, compliment, or present an opposing viewpoint.

Always link to the article, preferably from a prominent well established blogger, as a way of paying homage to that person’s effort. By doing this you may then quote or copy small passages into your blog article without plagerizing their work. Always give credit where credit is due

Final Analysis

If new bloggers are unwilling to spend the time it takes to perform these “touches” and socially network in the blogosphere, their efforts to gain readership will be greatly hampered. Imagine writing great information with no audience–because that is what awaits without a action plan for social networking


7 thoughts on “#1 Tip For Blog Traffic To New Bloggers: You Have To Become A Social Networker

  1. Hi Dean:

    I always get a lot of good information from your posts and this was was exceptional! I am going to forward this post to several of my good realtor friends who are just getting into blogging or who are thinking about blogging, this is some good stuff!



  2. HiDean:

    I plan to send them a link directly to this post and I will definitely ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed. They will get a ton of good information!



  3. Hey Ray,

    You are with me! I love the “Sell’em Nellum” tag! The potential is unlimited. One of the best methods to networking, giving back to the community, name-brand exposure, and meeting power brokers in your area is to volunteer for a well supported charity or non-profit.

    The volunteers are often players in the business community, often willing to help out fellow volunteers, and often ready to network themselves.

    Do you belong to Active Rain Ray? Hope to see you again.


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