Realtor’s Search Engine Strategy #1: Traffic Is Meaningless Unless It Comes From Your Target–Finding Leads In Your Market

This video explains some of the content needs a blogger must address. I have provided a list of content subjects (below) that will give you a beginning template. Be creative!

Many people on Active Rain and other sites tout the idea of traffic and how to increase your website or blog traffic aka readership, unique visits, or page views. The reality is that hits, or any other terminology you wish to use to describe “eyeballs” is virtually useless in generating leads to eventual sales if those “eyeballs” aka traffic are not coming from your intended keyword-keyphrase campaigns.

What is the use of having hundreds of pages views per day if those views were generated by keywords or phrases that have nothing to do with the region, the county, city, neighborhood, your business name, your surname, your specialty, or specific searches related to real estate?

“Hyper Local” Strategy

The best example of a hyper local blog strategy can be found at authored by Bay Area Realtor John Harper. John’s strategy is to provide unending value pinpointing everything, not just real estate, happening within their region.

Power of Hyper Local

Your subject matter is a wide variety yet it is focused upon your locality. Consequently you have a well rounded, rich library of articles which become traffic drivers that bring in people interested in finding you and your specialty.

Remember Why

If people do NOT KNOW YOUR SURNAME then writing a blog with a hyper local strategy will lead them to you and introduce them to who you are and what you provide the community

Subject Matter

The following are some of the subjects utilized in a hyper local blog:

1. Traditional market reports

2. State information

3. County information ie politics, legal issues, growth

4. City issues, politics, public works, projects, politicians, new construction

5. Neighborhood information analysis vs rest of city neighborhoods

6. School systems

7. New Shopping malls, facilities, supervisory news

8. Restaurants

9. Entertainment

10. Services

12. Seasonal issues fire safety etc

13. City History, Civic Leader interviews

14. WiFi cafes

15. Entrepreneurs

16. SEO strategies

17. Local networking or support groups

18. Carnivals, fairs,

19. Fund Raisers

20. Local Sports

The list goes on and on.

The Results and Analysis

1. By writing articles and providing valuable information, news, and analysis John has become a go to source of free information for his East Bay area.

2. Google Searches- due to John’s articles he has many pages of diverse subject matter yet related to hyper local activities that rank very high on page 1 searches for keywords related to real estate, his community, or how to guides

3. His specific hyper local strategy has helped him become an expert about his community without him utilizing any sales tactics. The tone is simply giving over and over again valuable information to community readers who eventually find John because of his high Google placement on so many hyper local topics

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