Newsflash: California Hell’s Angel Executed In Nighttime Drive-By

Dateline Saturday May 31, 2008 10:00pm

The details to this point are sketchy but local television news stations are reporting tonight that a member of the Hell’s Angels was shot and killed along a stretch of heavily traveled 101 freeway in Marin County. According to CHP spokesman, the biker was traveling north through Corte Madera when he was shot. The victim managed to hang on to his Harley as he exited the main Corte Madera exit off of 101.

Within a minute the rider was in the parking lot of the nearby CHP headquarters seeking assistance for his wounds. Not long after his arrival, the unnamed Hell’s Angel was pronounced dead in the parking lot.

No further details are known to this point


3 thoughts on “Newsflash: California Hell’s Angel Executed In Nighttime Drive-By

  1. Nono,

    You are right. The first details that came out were wrong. The victim was shot in a truck that was leading a pack of Angels on their way to Sonoma County after attending a Daly City funeral for a fallen Angel.

    The Marin IJ went on to state that the funeral was for Hell’s Angel Julian Serrano who died of cancer in a North Carolina prison.

  2. He was shot in a parked truck way further north, at a gas station. There was a motorcycle in the truck. The Marin kid walked up to his window and shot him close up. It wasn’t a random shot. It wasn’t a drive by but it was a road rage incident. It started with an altercation between Sonoma County’s President, Ray Foakes and the Marin kids. It was after JR Serrano’s funeral. Will was a prospect and was given his colors, which he was buried with.

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