Realty Times: Excellent Source But Where Does Blogging Fit In?

Realty Times is a premiere source of real estate industry news, information on different real estate instruments, and top advice for the real estate professional. They have market condition information, consumer advice, agent and industry news, as well as a rich library of valuable content to anyone interested in nearly any aspect of real estate.

The reason I said nearly any aspect of real estate is the rather stunning omission of information or tools on blogging. Although Realty Times is not as archaic or dormant in their Blogging coverage as a certain large industry association we all know, I expected more from such a fine site.


When I searched the site, utilizing their search box, inputing the phrase “blogging tips” nothing was returned. I then input “blogging” and the results were a mixed bag of information.

In 2008 only 3 article have been written that have referenced information to blogging. Of the three, the most information is contained in “Online Real Estate Marketing Is More Than Just Sharing Ideas” written by Ralph Roberts. It is a good solid informative article but Ralph only spends 2 paragraphs and a handful of bullet points on blogging. It is even more curious when you consider the following excerpt from Ralph’s blog:

“Blogging has created so many opportunities for me, from speaking engagements and consultations to defining my expertise as an authoritative figure on real estate fraud. There is no questions that blogging has greatly benefited me both professionally and personally.”

The next Realty Times blogging articles date back to August and May of 2007.

As Ralph so eloquently stated in his opinion of how blogging effected his business life and personal life, I would have to say that blogging has greatly benefited me both professionally and personally. I have carved out a niche for myself in the business world with the help of blogging and blogging has been a major focal point that I shared with my love interest when we were just beginning our relationship. You got it right on the money Ralph!


3 thoughts on “Realty Times: Excellent Source But Where Does Blogging Fit In?

  1. You’re so right. I just started real estate blogging on May 1, 2008 and I also couldn’t find a lot of reference material. Then I read the one and only book I could find – Realty Blogging by Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney and took comfort in knowing real estate blogging is realtively new whereas social blodding has been around since 2001 (according to their book). Thanks for a great post!

  2. Hi Betty,

    Thank you so much for your positive comments. You have a fantastic ranking for your website; and I noticed you are blogging too! I am not familiar with the book you mention but I will check it out.

    Blogging is really the biggest marketing tool going forward. If you can write consistently, and there is a formula to doing it that saves time and is succinct, then your blog will be successful.

    Best wishes and please comeback and also check out my blog on Active Rain.


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