Newsflash: Los Angeles No Longer “Sootiest” City In US published this deansguide article on May 9, 2008

A recent study completed by the American Lung Association has a new king of soot: Pittsburgh, PA . For the first time ever, Los Angeles is no longer considered the “sootiest” city in America. “Soot”, aka short-term particle pollution, is one of the categories that make up the overall clean air score given a city by the ALA in their “State of the Air” report.

Los Angeles still took the all-around pollution title: We’re #1 was never so well deserved. The shocking developments were two Utah cities making the top 10, Detroit sinking to #9, and in a obvious trend California dominating the top 10 with four locations.

Top 10 “Sootiest” Cities In America

1. Pittsburgh, PA

2. Los Angeles, CA

3. Fresno, CA

4. Bakersfield, CA

5. Birmingham, AL

6. Logan, UT

7. Salt Lake City, UT

8. Sacramento, CA

9. Detroit, MI

10. Washington, D.C.

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