When An Interview Goes Bad: “Technology” And How You Can Hurt Your Perception

Consumer confidence often hinges on perception. The perception of competence, expertise, and professionalism are vital to a Realtor. If your consumer targets do not believe you have any of the above you will lose every opportunity to remain in business.

The Real Estate industry, primarily agents, faces an uphill battle everyday to prove that they are technology savvy, progressive, and willing to provide the most up to date information to their clients. The perception remains, even though their are more tech savvy Realtors, that this industry is far behind.

An interview with 2007 NAR President Pat Combs, as featured on therealestatebloggers, does nothing to dispel this perception. Unfortunately it perpetuates it. The trouble begins at the 2:05 mark of the following video when a fax, copy machine, scanner, and typewriter are featured tools and uttered in the same breath as the word technology:


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