Realtor’s Sales Dream #3: Top 10-Earning Towns In America

If Realtors are wondering where the wealth is these days they look no further than Jeff Cox’s article “Best Places To Live: 25 top-earning towns.” Residents of these towns have the highest median household incomes in the country. If there is ever a hit list this is it.

The San Francisco Bay Area scores high with Hillsborough (Mid Penisula), Los Altos Hills (Silicon Valley), and Blackhawk (East Bay) reflecting the better than average economic conditions for this area.

Top 10-Earning Towns In America

1. Hillsborough, CA Median Income $263,456

2. Scarsdale, NY Median Income $219,317

3. Los Altos Hills, CA Median Income $199,370

4. Winnetka, IL Median Income $195,879

5. Chappaqua, NY Median Income $189,741

6. Glencoe, IL Median Income $187,043

7. Blackhawk-Camino Tassajara, CA Median Income $185,354

8. Great Falls, VA Median income $181,318

9. Weston, MA Median Income $180,549

10. Travilah, MD Median income $177,477


2 thoughts on “Realtor’s Sales Dream #3: Top 10-Earning Towns In America

  1. Well good information with Top 10 Earning Towns in America….The Realtors do their business in these areas by doing so,they will get the wealth ,because if you have a market then only we have to do the business.

  2. Tim,

    I thought you were Drudge not Judge with that Alexa ranking! Nice job on your site as I feel like I am reading a headline from the NY Times.

    I am not sure I am following your comment but the gist of it is “just do it” and in the areas described that’s all there is as everything is everything after all it is what it is.


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