Realtor’s Sales Nightmare #2: Top 10 Cities With The Worst Economies published this deansguide article April 18, 2008

Traffic is a huge deterrent for many home buyers but the worst nightmare for a Realtor is selling property within a dead or recession hit economic area. The following is a heart rendering list “By The Numbers: Worst Cities For Jobs.” Although many of these areas have great home buying deals, Realtors are struggling to sell even the best properties.

The List

New Orleans, LA: “5-year annualized job growth: -3.8%”

Detroit, MI: “5-year annualized job growth: -1.5%”

Flint, MI: “5-year annualized job growth: -1.4%”

Canton, OH: “5-year annualized job growth: -1.1%”

Warren, MI: “5-year annualized job growth: -0.9%”

Hickory, NC: “5-year annualized job growth: -0.8%”

Lansing, MI: “5-year annualized job growth: -0.8%”

Dayton, OH: “5-year annualized job growth: -0.7%”

Youngstown, OH: “5-year annualized job growth: -0.6%”

Ann Arbor, MI: “5-year annualized job growth: -0.4%”


4 thoughts on “Realtor’s Sales Nightmare #2: Top 10 Cities With The Worst Economies

  1. Why being so negative? I believe chance to be sucessful is waiting for realtors everywhere. For example I think New Orleans will not be down for the rest of eternity and the reconstruction of town can bring many oportunities… I am dealing West Toronto homes, so I know it’s easy for me to say such things, because Canadian housing market is doing very well, but hard times are waiting for everybody few times in career.

  2. This report was an excerpt of a Forbes magazine report. Are your really interested in my attitude or are you more intersted in leaving your url for people to follow back so that you receive traffic from your comment?

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