Mystery Caller Claims Okun Broke, Without Representation: “Gordon Gecko” A Cautionary Tale

Holmes and Watson would watch Dr. Moriarty waiting for signs or communications that hinted at his whereabouts and evil doings. I have the “Mystery Caller” who has become a voice in the wilderness that is the Ed Okun case. The following assertions were made by the Miami mystery caller. I have no way of verifying most of these assertions. Are they all true, partially true, or somewhat true? I will leave that up to each individual reader.

The Assertions

1. Ed Okun is flat broke and has been flat broke for sometime now. He is sitting in a jail cell in Richmond, VA. He is destitute and unable to make even the simplest financial ends meet.

2. Okun’s Miami attorney Michael Rosen, he of the infamous quote to the Miami Herald “Ed is confident he will be proven innocent in a court of law” is now said to be bailing out of the case. Realizing the financial cupboard is bare, Rosen is purportedly abandoning the idea of representing Okun.

If you do know one thing it is the fact that greed is not good, it does clarify but it corrupts. Gordon Gecko the fictional character in the 1980’s box office smash “Wall Street” was reportedly based on corporate raider turned scoundrel Ivan Boesky.

Like Boesky, Okun was a confidence man in his abilities to maintain an outer layer of normalcy and respectability. But make no mistake about it: greed has left Okun in prison, without assets, pondering his dim future.


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