Realtor’s Marketing Strategy #3: The Product Is You-Would You Buy You?

Realtors often fail to understand that in consultative sales of any product or service people-buy-people. Unless you are representing a low-price strategy business model, the actual product you are selling is you.

Question: Would You Buy You?

If you believe that believing in yourself is a choice then you must understand how to begin the process. The first characteristic that shapes our reality is our self confidence. But how do you feel confident when you have never done something that feels difficult or foreign to your experience?

How Do I Build My Confidence?

1. Increase Your Knowledge and Expertise:

Enroll in classes from your state association of Realtors, NAR, adult education curriculum, or hire a specific expert coach to provide strategies

Read trade magazines, blogs, and periodicals related to your location

Being an “expert” is defined by Websters as “skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.” Life experience and a willingness to learn will help you become an expert

2. Practice Your Craft:

Repetition and critiquing your performances are the mainstays of any effort to improve. By seriously practicing, being mindful of quality, and relentlessly striving to improve you will become an expert and build your confidence in the process

3. Offer Your Work For Free:

Give free workshops, tutoring, mentoring, or offer your resources to businesses. The key to offering your work for free is the priceless feedback and experience you gain from this activity

4. Find a Mentor:

Look for someone who is successful in your niche. Surround yourself with positive people. Allow their positive habits to rub off on you. Make the commitment to expand your base of friends and acquintances


2 thoughts on “Realtor’s Marketing Strategy #3: The Product Is You-Would You Buy You?

  1. I especially support your comment about finding a mentor. Here in the Texas Coast, I often hear agents complain about being “thrown to the wolves” and not getting the training promised when they interviewed. My husband is now the managing broker of our office and I, having a background in training and 6 years experience as a Realtor, offer a weekly training class to any agent that wishes to attend. Agents in our office have made mention they appreciate having somone they can go to when they have a question or a concern. Paul even goes on listing and showing appointments with agnets if they like. We have always felt it is of great importance to have a mentor or at least a supportive broker/manager to help groom you to be the best agent you can be. Good post!

  2. Lisa and Paul,

    Your kind remarks are greatly appreciated! I hope that this article inspires at least one person to understand that they just need some confidence and willingness to make themselves successful.

    If you find this type of article helpful, I have a large number of articles aimed at how to, self help, or strategy for the real estate industry. If you check on my or pages in the right sidebar below that is a great source. The articles on those pages were published by both news agencies for consumption on their sites.

    Again thank you and please consider subscribing to my blog. Thank you!


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