Gateway Notebook MT 3705 Review: Acer’s No Customer Service And Equipment Defects–Can You Spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E?

After less than one year of ownership, I am sad to report that my fantastic buy on the Gateway MT 3705 Notebook computer may have been a case of buyer beware. My initial excitement for the Gateway is chronicled in “Best Buy’s Best Deal Of The Year: Gateway Notebook MT 3705 $549!!!” Unfortunately the following problems or events have forced me to write this review–do NOT purchase this Gateway MT 3705 Notebook:

1. Equipment Failure

After 8 1/2 months of moderate usage, my Gateway has gone from valued business tool to doorstop. The screen display goes black after a few minutes. With no way to return my screen, I am often forced to reboot in order to see a display. Anything I was working on is lost or interrupted in the most annoying and costly manner–loss of time.

Follow these links for negative aspects expressed by Gateway MT 3705 users: keyboard, review #6 sticking buttons, and battery issue review “Cons” Middy last on page.

When the unit is left on a desk or table or in my lap it seems to get hot. I believe it may over heat and this may cause the screen to go blank. But I don’t know anything because

2. Gateway No Longer Exists

Gateway, a company that modeled it’s retail stores after Apple stores, is no longer in existence after being bought by Acer. No retail stores, no customer service help, no place to go except

3. Acer Customer No Service

When I followed up to try to find customer service help, I was pushed into the Acer labyrinth for Customer Service. My “tech support” (I USE THIS TERM VERY LOOSELY) agent seemed like a bored high school kid forced to work on her spring break. Here are the options I was presented:

a.) Acer would pay a “portion” of the costs
b.) Acer wants me to send the Notebook to them with a turn around time of 6-8 wks
c.) Acer suggested that without a warranty they are absolved of any responsibility even though their product is defective

ACER Please Help “SOS”

If any Acer representative, with some pull, would like to rectify this situation by repairing my Notebook or replacing it with a NON defective unit please CALL dean at 415 410.7524.


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  1. Dean,

    Let me start by saying: Sorry to hear you’re having issues – that’s no fun at all!

    Aside from that – just wanted to add my two cents…I used to work as a rep for HP, together with reps for Apple, Toshiba…and yes, you guessed it ACER.

    Total there were 6 of us…and the goal was to reset an ACER computer back to factory settings because of a floor model sale.

    It took phone calls to the ACER Customer Service line, check out online info, and all 6 reps “beating their head against the wall” – to get that laptop reset.

    I guess my point is – if a computer is user un-friendly enough to require all that…maybe…just maybe….it’s not meant to be owned?

    Hope someone will contact you that can help you out! And do the “right thing”! (As my friend Dena Stevens would say…)


  2. Sabine,

    Thanks I am sure you know how much fun this is not! Acer seems to be akin to the DMV when it comes to helping their “inherited” customers from the Gateway side of the ledger.


  3. Dean,

    Knowing you’re probably pretty frustrated by now – I still can’t help but laugh at your comment…just because it’s SO true…

    Heck…I think you need to do a post of comparisons in customer service…DMV vs. Acer…could even be a reader submitted post…

    Hope you’re either getting something resolved or have access to another laptop?


  4. Sabine,

    Maybe you are right–a comparison of the DMV vs Acer or maybe Charles Schwab vs Acer both are _ssholes when it comes to customer disservice.

    If I hold my laptop up at the right angle with the right degree of sunlight and wind velocity I can get the screen to stay lit. . . any variance and it’s lights out!

    Thanks for your care–I am seeking professional help.


  5. We bought an Acer at Staples in December $499 plus tax
    After 2 months the screen failed

    We contacted Acer customer service
    They gave us a return authorization

    We sent it to Texas for repair

    Here is their response:

    Dear Valued Customer,

    This letter is in reference to system serial number referenced above:

    Unit has been determined by our Level II tech that notebook is with cracked screen is not a manufacture defect.
    Therefore, payment required to complete repair is $649.00USD + tax.

    Acer’s out of warranty charges for a cracked LCD are as follows:
    $649.00 for repair of cracked LCD only
    $999.00 for more than two major components (includes an LCD)

    Unit will return unrepaired by 05.02.08 should we not hear from regarding this

    Please call 1-800-816-2237 and reference service id: 1-3CTTAP .

    Thank you,
    Customer Solution Interface
    1394 Eberhardt Rd.
    Temple TX 76502

    We will never buy another ACER and would advise NO one to ever buy one of their products

  6. Paul,

    Your story sounds even worse than mine! I think my Gateway is in better shape than your Acer but the NO Customer Service experience was exactly what I ran into in my case.

    They don’t care and they don’t even pretend to give a shit about you or the product they represent.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to send them a nice big turdburger by flooding the internet with our stories so that potential “suckers” do not buy their products?


  7. Anthony,

    You are the God of computer truth! Thank you for your tough review of the _ssholes at Acer aka Gateway aka Enron in the near future.

    As a former Norstrom employee, Acer is the antithesis of customer service, customer service, and customer care.

    If you ever want to buy a product and then feel as if nobody gives a _hit about your problems, wants to get rid of you, or has fun _ucking with you buy an Acer product or sign on for a Charles Schwab account!

    You da man Anthony!

  8. Oh lord, I knew I was not the only one! I’m on my Acer Aspire 5630 with Random Shut-Down feature…which has persisted through two trips to the Texas “Chop Shop”. The second trip to Texas was because no one put any packing material around my computer to send it back and FedEx put the box in at Right Tackle for Monday Night Football, judging from the shattered screen and mashed case corner (which they didn’t bother to fix). Two months later, Random Shut-Downs return! Now Acer won’t even pay return shipping because, and I quote “Robert”..”Well, your computer worked for two months.” Ah yes, so back to Texas with it for a system restore, because I’m pretty sure that is all “Tech Support” means is “Restore to Factory Settings” which means another 8 hours of loading software and content…no.. It means I have a Laptop to sell…and another to buy.

    Oh, my girl’s laptop’s video card fizzled minutes after her warranty expired.

    SO…I’m a solution oriented gal and I think this situation of computer manufacturer’s getting away with selling substandard products, then not honoring warranties by actually FIXING problems MUST STOP!!! How do we fight back?

    One thing I do know is that the people we actually get to talk to get beat to hell about the product that they represent. I also know they get NO support from their company to actually HELP customers. I try not to get sh!tty with them, but this Robert guy was an absolute BULLY. He tried to tell me that federal warranty laws don’t apply to consumer electronics. However, I’ve turned up a number of successful lawsuits against computer manufacturers, so perhaps we should organize a Class Action lawsuit.

    In the meantime, I’m googling for the computer company with the best customer service and product.

  9. Laura,

    Great post and great ideas. I am so sorry to hear the problems you have had but I unlike you do not feel for the snotty nosed little lawyer wanna-be’s who were the last to be picked for a game of hoops or left out on prom night.

    As a matter of fact, they have the choice to work for a company(s) that are dirt and they no it.

    I suggest you go see Anthony at Anthony has a horrible story about Acer and I left my story on his blog. He then wrote the reply above your comment.

    Best of luck!


  10. well said,
    I too, had run into trouble with my acer laptop. My old acer desktop was more reliable than my recent flimsy laptop.
    As the sayings goes used and maintain properly it will serve you well.
    Anyways I was told that I have to pay 507.37 tax included to repair for the friggin laptop. Geeze being in an Indian reserve, things are expensive, the flimsy laptop cost me 1099.99 without tax. a celeron m processor with 512mb ddr2 80GB.
    The price itself was outrageous, good thing I didn’t use that laptop for internet banking considering that it didn’t have any trojans, worms and other nasties online. Not to mention in buying extra warranties on the laptop.
    why they make flimsy laptops so they can sell more. My old big ass desktop isn’t flimsy, i had to wait several minutes of shutting down or rebooting.
    From the sound of it, I might have to order an 2.5 external hard drive enclosure to salvage media from my laptop, even tho I backup all of my media from there.
    I have little faith in credit cards, granted that the numbers would be lifted from the sites, such as, ebay, futureshop and so forth.
    Though my warranty is good till October of this year, they stated that I still have to pay for the repairs. Sounds like bunch of angry gays and lesbians, even though I asked them nicely several times, that’s the last straw that broke this camel’s back.
    Friendly service eh, more like inconsiderate for others who are need of servicing of their machines. It took a lot of my patience.
    I’m thinking of getting myself a laptop from dell, considering people are friendly, much nicer than those at acer.
    When I get myself a reloadable cashlink Mastercard, but the one time fee would be 14.00, a moderate risk, but better than nothing.

  11. Currently, I own a Gateway desktop with a lifetime of technical support. I have been shopping for a laptop and listened to a couple of presentations on ShopNBC about various Acer laptops. I was seriously considering buying an Acer since I found out they’d purchased Gateway. However, the thing I noticed about the presentations was that the rep and the host said absolutely NOTHING about customer service.(Definite RED FLAG!) And when I tried to call the company to find out for myself, my experience was so horrifying, and the hold time was so long, I gave up and never looked back at Acer. Gateway happens to be an incredible company that really stands behind their products. However, the ONLY way I would buy my next Gateway would be to buy it the way I bought my desktop, through HSN. If you do this, you will find they have a dedicated group of techies JUST for HSN Gateway computers, for a lifetime!!! Not only that, but Gateway is the ONLY computer company left that does not outsource tech support to other countries. So your “hold time” is always short and you’ll be able to understand the reps. And the computer packages they do on HSN are so complete with all the software you’ll ever need and lots of extras you can give away as gifts.(In most computer packages they sell they include about $700 of software these days!) They also do interest free financing!!! Check out a presentation or two the next time they do a Gateway computer on HSN. I will never buy a PC from anyone else!

  12. Okay, I have a Gateway from hell, purchased from Best Buy in Sept, 2007, worked for 3 weeks and then started having trouble eventually leading to the point where the thing will not turn on at all. By this time, since I refused to purchase the Geek Squad technicial support for an additional
    $100-something, I was told that it was too late to return the worthless notebook for exchange. The Geek Squad will send the thing to Gateway for repair as long as it is covered under manufacturers warrantee. Upon the 3rd time returning it to Gateway using the GS, the GS idiot told me that if I had purchased their warranty, they would replace it after the 4th time returned. Needless to say, unless you want to pay the bribe to the ineffective Geek Idiots, don’t purchase a computer from Best Buy and expect for them to honor any sort of business ethics as simple as expecting the product that you purchased to work for more than a few weeks, if that.

    I’m now on the 9th return of the crap-burger gateway laptop, now I’m returning it directly to Gateway myself and have purchased their extended warranty which they claimed if they were not able to repair the thing after 4 tries they would replace it. What kind of idiots came up with this policy? Here, buy this, if it doesn’t work, it’s going to take an act of God to fix it and nearly a year to MAYBE get it replaced?

    By the way, Kevin is incorrect about their service being outsourced, it certainly IS outsourced to India, you have ask nicely for their “corporate” number (which is not posted on any literature that comes with their product) to talk to an english speaking rep. 877-285-6043

    Wish me luck!

  13. Just to add to this site is my tale of purchasing not One but TWO, Gateway MX8711 laptops just last year, Feb of 2007 for one of my clients. This was right when Vista (gulp) was launched. Bought from Office Depot because really seemed to be a great deal features vs. price thing. Boy, was I wrong. Now BOTH systems, immediately after the 1 Year Warranty has expired OF COURSE, are doing strange things. Most notably, one of them does not run at all for any length of time. I’m a PC Tech and Consultant and have done everything I can. I have also taken to a laptop “Specialist” who doesn’t know what it can be.

    So, I sent an email yesterday (Monday, July 28, 2008) to all the powers that be at ACER (owners of Gateway now) thinking they might actually Care and DO something. NO. What I did receive, this morning, was a call from some underling giving me the runaround. She tried everything she could to put the blame on the client, tried to say that repairs were done before Warranty was expired, etc. That was not at all the case. First of all, she did not READ the email I sent and she DID NOT listen to me when SHE called me. Her name is Monica and stated that she was not in the position to do anything EXCEPT offer a $100 discount towards the Universal staring price of $225 for Out-Of-Warranty repair charges. She refused to send that in email to me for confirmation and also stated that the offer was ONLY good for right then and there. I stated that I would have to check with my client and get back to her. Before I could do that, she called back and stated that she could not get approval for the $100 and that it would have to be only $50!! They didn’t even respect their customer enough (who bought TWO, TWO, TWO OF THEIR LAPTOPS!!!!!) to have someone call back that even had some kind of authority to do something about the situation. Do you believe it? Well, I know you do. It’s laughable and so insulting. They put out inferior products, play shell games with corporations and expect us all to just sit here and take it. I think NOT.

  14. sir i have bought a acer laptop aspire5920 but it is showing some problems of shuting so i want a costumer care no in india (bhubaneswar,orissa) so i can directly contact with the service center.wn.plz help me i need your help.

  15. As an educator, it remains a fact to impart “caveat emptor” to young minds that would like to believe that all is good in the world of consumerism. Offered here is my thanks for “educating” me prior to my making a less informed decision to buy an Acer product, i.e., the Aspire AS8920-6746.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is not true; another colloquium brought forth in discussion regarding customer support, service, and yes- corporate responsibility… after the sale. Having researched the aforementioned information and finding truth, albeit no actual product had been purchased, (a pretentious pseudonym), eventually speaking with one not on the outsource list, obviated was a degree of animosity undeserved. With certainty, Acer may either fade away or alternatively effect infusion of different management and/or management practice.

    Formerly a pilot for Eastern Airlines, personal testament is given to the end run of a lack of the aforementioned service, support, and customer rapport.

  16. In addition is the following thread to another blog regarding Acer:

    Alan Hargreaves’ Weblog
    The ramblings of an Australian STSC* Staff Engineer
    * Systems Technical Support Centre – The group I work for
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    « Listening to Ian… | Main | Happy Birthday to me »
    Thursday Dec 06, 2007 Customer Service (?) from Acer Support

    Updated twice (see end of entry)

    After having my Dell notebook die outside of warranty two years ago, I made sure to buy the extended warranty when I replaced it with an Acer Ferrari 4005 in November/December 2005.

    About a month ago, (around 2 years after purchase interestingly, just like the Dell), I started having problems with it. I noticed a couple of cracks on the top of the screen and that I had two keys starting to be questionable (they work about 50% of the time). Shortly after that I started seeing windows regularly crash and Solaris hang. A little investigation showed that the video card (on the main board) was starting to play up.

    So, obviously I arranged to have it sent back under warranty.

    This is where the tragedy of errors begins.

    I got the tracking number when DHL picked it up from Gordon at about 9:30.

    It looks like the driver drove all day before dropping it into his depot at 8:00pm that evening (end of shift?). It then looks like it went out of the depot for an hour at about 3am before being returned at 4am and was finally delivered to the repair center in Flemington at about 9:15am the next morning. Note the distance between the repair center is about an hours drive, if that.

    OK I was called a few days later to be told that the screen would not be replaced under warranty, but if I was willing to pay for it they’d replace it. I declined. My belief at this point was that the main board had been done and it would be shipped back to me shortly, and everything I said communicated this expectation. Nothing was done to correct it.

    The following week I had a call stating that they wouldn’t be replacing the keyboard as there had been a “liquid spill” on both the keyboard and the disk. I reached over my desk and picked up the disk (which I kept as I did not wish it reformatted) and said “hmmm interesting, I have the disk in my hand and see no such evidence. If there is evidence of a liquid spill on the disk currently installed, it must have happened there”, which of course prompted denials. The upshot was that they also were not going to replace the keyboard unless I paid for it. Given I can clean a keyboard myself I declined. Again the expectation thing, in fact I also changed the address for them to return it as I would be working from home the next few days. No correcting of that expectation.

    At this point they had had it for a week.

    Come Friday, I was concerned that I still hadn’t got it. So, yet another call to the support line (and the interminable wait being constantly informed of my position in the queue). At this point I discover (for the first time) that the main board is actually on back-order, and everyone that I had previously spoken to had been aware of this and not passed it on. They would not tell me the expected date of delivery.

    Monday I tried again after hours and got probably my first good experience with Acer Customer Service. The guy was very helpful and understanding and did actually tell me that my part was expected on November 29.

    I called during the day the next day to speak with some in-hours person about my disappointment in the way that I had been mislead and got the usual platitudes.

    OK, come Thursday (Nov 29), I called a bit later in the day to verify that work had either been complete or had at least started. The back-order had slipped to the next day.

    Let’s try again, Monday December 3. It had slipped to December 5 (the following Wednesday).

    At this point I demanded that if it slipped again that I would be called immediately that information was known and received that commitment.

    I was on training Tuesday & Wednesday so didn’t get to call them until after hours on Wednesday. Again, I got another person who really tried their best (hmm why do I have better experiences with their after hours staff?). Unfortunately the case ticket had not been updated, but they offered to email the technician who was doing the repair so that they would call me first thing this morning.

    You guessed it, it didn’t happen.

    I called up a few minutes ago (and waited on a queue that started at length 20). Gave my case number and Identified myself. I was then told that the part had not arrived and that there was an outstanding query to their supplier about when it would be delivered.

    I was livid. Especially at the “I understand why you are upset” platitudes.

    Apart from not being called this morning as per commitment, from last night, the delivery had slipped again and no-one thought to get in touch with me.

    Acer Support is not a small company, but this kind of behavior makes them look decidedly mickey mouse.

    I have demanded to be told the instant that they know the new delivery date, and received yet another commitment to be called this afternoon with the information.

    It goes to their management if they drop the ball again, I’ve had it. I’ve been without my notebook now for more than three weeks. Maybe I should send them a bill for the time I’ve wasted on the phone trying to sort this out. That should come close to replacing the screen!

    One thing is for sure, much as I liked the machine and the good performance it has given me, I will not be replacing this machine with another from Acer when the time comes.

    A suggestion to the folks on the phones at Acer support. Your customers are your reason for existence. Without them, you would not have a job. When you make a commitment, you honor it. A Suppliers support division is one of the main reasons that that they get return custom. Here in the Sun Support office in Gordon, we used to have a poster up that simply said “It can take years to win a customer, and seconds to lose them”. Truer words were never uttered. If the first people that I had spoken to had set my expectations correctly from the outset, I would not be as angry as I currently am. A simple “To fix your video card, is a main board replacement. We’ve had to order this in and they normally take 3-4 weeks” would have done this.

    If I had treated a customer with the obvious contempt with which I feel I have been treated by Acer Support, I would expect and deserve a serious ass-kicking from my management.

    Update #1

    Well, it’s just gone 5pm here and I have not received the promised call from Acer. Tomorrow we start talking to call center management. Sigh, I wish it hadn’t come to this. Folks, you don’t promise a customer something only to get them off the phone so you can forget about it.

    Update #2

    Just got off a phone call with their escalation department speaking with someone called Frank. Unfortunately the phone system somewhere between us was playing up. I noticed while in the queue that I had extended periods of silence and it looks like one of those occurred while I was speaking with this person.

    He agrees that this has taken a long time and told me that there is still no ship date on the back-ordered main board. While I am skeptical about this, he has committed to having the repair folks actually see if the board can be repaired, as apparantly this is one of the things that the Highpoint folks in Flemington do. I am to expect to be called by them early next week.

    We shall see.

    Just before we got cut off, I was pointing out that there appear to me to be call-centre folks in the support centre who will commit to almost anything to get an upset customer off the phone and then ignore it. Unfortunately I did not get to hear his response to this as that’s when the line went silent again and then was disconnected a minute later.

    Posted at 02:08PM Dec 06, 2007 by Alan Hargreaves in General |

  17. Here is my Acer Aspire story. Computer was analyzed by Circuit City as bad Motherboard wouldn’t start up. Sent to Acer they received it on July 10 2008 and confirmed it was bad motherboard. After 3 weeks of waiting for motherboard on the slow boat from China, get call offering a replacement/ refurbished on July 31. Say they will ship it right out. It is now August 9 and guess what nobody can tell me when it is going to be shipped, or even if the have a replacement. Hopefully I will get something in the next week, but this is it for Acer, should have stuck with Toshiba.

  18. And the list of disgruntled customers just keeps growing! What a stupid company to deal with on any level.

    Please tell as many people as possible as this in my opinion is now VIRAL war! Word of mouth is our only weapon–and a well placed blog! Tell your Acer unhappy friends to comment and thank you Mr. Toshiba!


  19. Dean,
    I just happened to run on your blog while trying to solve my own gateway problem.

    I bought a gateway laptop from costco about 3 months ago. When I bought it, I knew I was moving to the UK but needed a computer then to backup my current computer which had to be returned before I left. This was a good deal, so I got it. I also knew that I had 90 days to return it, and could return it in the UK if necessary. I also asked Costco if the warranty would be valid in the UK (as they preach extending the warranty to two years). They said yes, so I was happy.

    About 3 days ago, out now nowhere I go to turn the comptuer on from being asleep, a error pops up, computer turns off. Now it won’t turn back on again. Of course I can’t find my Costco receipt, and getting a duplicate copy from the US has proved near impossible, and my 90 days may be over now. I talk to Gateway and despite having a gateway uk, they are considered to be a 3rd party and can only cover computers bought in the UK, though I can pay them £53 to diagnose the problem. Gateway US says I can send it to them and they will repair it and then send it back to another US address. Except sending a package to the US and back will run around £150-200, which I’m confidnet I could get it repaired for myself.

    Gateway says they are sorry for any inconvenince. It kills be too because my fiancee wanted to buy a Dell or Sony, but this was the best deal. Guess you get what you pay for. Did you ever get anywhere with these guys?

  20. Add me to the list. I bought a Gateway M-6866 from Circuit City on August 29 for $699. I opened it up and checked it out and all seemed well. I bought it to use for my Dee Jay service. Well a few weeks later I got around to connecting an external drive with all my music and getting ready for a gig. The following morning the sound simply stopped working. No error messages no event log errors or red x’s just no sound no matter what volume setting. This literally happened overnight while nothing was happening on the computer. I chatted with tech support online, allowed them to take control of my computer. They told me my sound drivers were corrupted and to restore them. I did so with no change. I then did a complete system restore with again no luck. Now they tell me to send it in for repair at my expense. So now I have to do without my computer which hasn’t even been used for them to repair a problem which cropped up on it’s own, and I have to pay another $50 to get it to them. I’m sure the thing will come back and do the same thing. Circuit City filed for bankrupcy and Acer hasn’t complied with me, the Texas Attorney General, or Better Business Bureau. The system runs Vista 64 bit and the Sound driver is Sigmatel. Some googling revealed that this might be a quite common problem. I will NEVER purchase another Gateway product. I’m sure they will be bankrupt before the end of the year and I will be all the more happy when that happens. BEWARE!

  21. Steve,

    I am so sorry as your story is a common thread that runs through nearly every conversation I have about Acer or Gateway: customer service absolutely does not care about the customer.

    How can a company that sells you a product, that never worked as advertised, then expect the customer to PAY for a repair that is NOT THEIR FAULT?

    How they stay in business is a complete mystery to me!


  22. Charles,

    Join us my brother! We were all suckers for a deal. Gateway and Acer expect us to fix their brand new computers that they sold us? They expect us to pay for the repairs, shipping, and go without the tool that we need for our business?

    Yes they do. Terrible companies with no idea how bad they are hurting their business.


  23. Well I spent over 2 hours on the phone today (90% on hold) to deal with a faulty video card on my new aspire one. The machine is 20 days old and they refuse to cross ship a replacement and instead want it sent in for repair. I work as head of support for a product line for an IT hardware manufacturer (Not PC’s, but peripherals) and I cannot imagine treating customers this way. If one of our units dies within 30 days we send out a brand new unit immediately. After 30 days we would send a refurbished unit. Every tech on our floor has the ability to make decisions and to be flexible with policy and procedure in order to do what is right for the customer. I can not even fathom treating my customers this way! I would be fired for sure!

  24. Thanks for posting all of these comments. I was looking through for a laptop to buy for Christmas and am glad to have read this first. ACER certainly was the cheaper computer and now I guess I know why.
    Thanks again, everyone.

  25. Bought a gateway FX541S. Computer started acting up 2 days after first fired up. Ended up running spinrite, it found bad sectors on drive. Reloaded windows.
    2 weeks later, computer started acting up. going into power save for no reason, crashing, freezing. Called customer service. Was told to format/reload windows. Found out this was an Acer Computer. First I had heard of that. formatted reinstalled OS.
    1 week later, computer started acting up. Power Save again. Windows Update will not load. Drivers going missing. Lost all of sound card updates. Problems booting up. Ran spinrite again, got the boot problems fixed. On phone with cust service for an hour, was told to format/reload again.
    About to give up…gary

  26. Acer a horrible company and they deliberately give out false information to keep people going in a circle. I called several times and they kept referring me to MPC, knowing fully well that the company’s doors are closed. It took me two hours and some heated conversations until I was able to get through to a manager, who said there is nothing “gateway” can do about it.

    So my question is why do they still manufacture products using the name gateway? They obviously still exits and are hiding behind Acer, as to not fulfil their warranties for their cheap products.

    Here is gateway’s warranty info which they are violating:
    This Agreement (“Agreement”) is between you and Gateway … or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates or a Gateway authorized reseller (“Reseller”), unless you enter into a separate written agreement with Gateway.

    Acer is still affiliated gateway and are required by law to meet their obligation. I’m am filing a lawsuit against them. I figure I’ll lose money, but so will they. Rather than them fixing my $200 problem, it will end up costing them thousands in legal fees. That’s fine with me if they want to do business this way, cause they will eventually go under.

  27. Gateway MX8711

    I purchased my notebook January 30, 2007, brand new from Best Buy for over a thousand dollars. On November 20, 2007, my notebook died, unexpectedly and unexplained. Nothing I did, it was just sitting there. Took it to Best Buy who made contact with Gateway and it was my motherboard, since I had the 1 year warranty, it was repaired for free. Upon return, my battery would no longer hold a charge. Then on July 10, 2008 my notebook died again, just sitting there, once again it was the motherboard. I asked, isn’t there a warranty on your parts, they told me my warranty on the entire computer ended. No warranty on the parts. I took it to a computer shop for repair, as Gateway/Acer was trying to charge me $600 dollars. Got a deal for $475. Replaced new motherboard. Battery starts to charge, but now cant recognize drivers. Then on March 28, 2009, my notebook died again. Took it in and it is once again the motherboard.
    I have made so many attempts to get some answers and help. I get the run around, it is obvious that this is a manufacturer problem, yet they will do nothing about it as my warranty is expired and wants me to even pay for technical support.
    This is ridiculous and I am outraged by this. I thought that Gateway was a reputable company that I could trust their products, however, that is a joke.

    If anyone knows of a Class action lawsuit going on I would like the information as I’d like to get on board. This company must be stopped from ripping people off.

  28. Acer AOD250-1197 10.1-Inch Blue Netbook
    great netbook, substandard os
    The computer itself is great. I love that its compact and has plenty of battery life. The touchpad is the least annoying of any laptop I’ve ever used. The windows 7 starter operating system, however is not. its a highly abbreviated version created for emerging markets in third world countries. There’s so much lacking. you cant even put up a picture on the desktop background. Save your money and buy the XP version. I wish I did.

  29. I posted info about my experience with Acer on some other boards, but it seems to fit even better with this one. Here’s my Acer experience: Bought an Aspire 8730, and found that it had a defective right shift key. Acer makes the customer pay to have it shipped to them for repair, so I paid UPS $50US and sent it to them. They sent it back to me saying that there was nothing wrong with it! I’m not a newbie. I know how a keyboard is supposed to work. Everyone I’ve ever let type on it has said the same thing: “What’s wrong with the shift key?”. The last thing I wanted to do was to pay to ship it right back to them with absolutely no guarantee that they would actually fix it. So I hung on to it and tried to make do by buying an external keyboard. Now, the “x” key is failing too. The thing is still under the warranty (for what it’s worth) so I contacted them. They said that since I didn’t send it back within 60 days (or 90, or 30 depending on which rep I was talking with), I would have to pay to ship it to them again. I pointed out that there was no notification of such a time limitation, and was told that there is no notification because it’s “a courtesy”. I pointed out that first, they sold me a defective laptop, then their service was defective because they failed to detect the problem, and now they want me to pay to ship it again. Why should I do that? They didn’t fix it the first time. Why should I believe that they would fix it this time? It’s their error that they didn’t fix it the first time I shipped it, & it should be their responsibility to pay to ship it this time. So I’ve contacted a local television station’s consumer advocate, and am beginning a search to find others who have had to put up with this type of “service”. When I do, it’ll be time to do what Laura mentioned earlier in this thread: contact a lawyer about a class action lawsuit.

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