The Official deansguide “ROI” List For Business and Life: 27 Factors To Measure For Success

In my last article “Realtor’s Guide To “Return On__”: Make A List And Measure Your Results” I introduced the idea of applying the Return on Investment formula to your business and life. The following is an example of the type of list you may have compiled. It is an alphabetical list, A-Z, and it represents the type of measurements I want to apply to my business and life.

My “ROI” List

1. Return on Attitude
2. Return on Beliefs
3. Return on Change
4. Return on Differentiating (Factor)
5. Return on Enthusiasm
6. Return on Focus (concentration)
7. Return on Goals
8. Return on Help (giving)
9. Return on Instinct
10. Return on Judgement
11. Return on Knowledge
12. Return on Likeability
13. Return on Marketing
14. Return on Negotiation
15. Return on Organization
16. Return on Participation
17. Return on Quality
18. Return on Respect
19. Return on Savviness (yes it’s a word)
20. Return on Tools (Business related)
21. Return on Utilization (proper application of tools)
22. Return on Value
24. Return on Willingness (cheerful readiness)
25. Return on Xerox (imitate-copy something that works without “reinventing the wheel”)
26. Return on Youth
27. Return on Zeal

Have fun with this exercise, take it seriously, and you may discover areas of business and life where you are not measuring your Return on Investment.


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