Does Corleone, Sicily, Research, and Ed Okun Have Anything In Common?

None of the three entities in my title have anything to do with each other. . . then again maybe they do? Is it possible that crooks research other crooks to learn new scams, methods, or pitfalls to avoid? Former convicts often say that prison is like college for crooks.

Has the internet become a free man’s encyclopedia to crime?

The following is an interesting visit to deansguide. Although it is impossible to label every citizen of a particular region, city, or country sinister. It is certainly entertaining to see the little visit that popped up today–and the subject of that visit:


What did my Corleone friend read? “Is This Where the 1031 Tax Group Victim’s Monies Disappeared?”

This article shows the “toys” in this case and what may have been the first hope that investors might recoup lost monies from the sale of Okun’s toys.

Like they say in real estate location, location, location. Whether Corleone or Palermo, the site of another reader on the Okun case today, as an Italian you always pay attention.


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