Ed Okun Denied Bond: Is the Man Behind the 1031 Tax Scandal Tapped Out?

Is Ed Okun flat broke? Has every last asset been seized by authorities in an attempt to pay back victims of the 1031 Tax Group rip off? My mystery caller made a surprise appearance today and raised some questions in my mind. Of course nothing can be completely verified but speculation can lead you to your own personal conclusions. The questions I am pondering:

1. If Mr. Okun was denied bond and is in jail in Miami is this a permanent fact due to the nature of Mr. Okun’s crimes or is there more behind this decision?

2. If Mr. Okun is not granted bond does this indicate that the government suspects that he has hidden monies or assets?

3. Could Mr. Okun’s citizenship be at stake?

4. Rumor has it that his attorney(s) in Virginia have bailed out. Is that an indication that Mr. Okun is indeed flat broke?

5. If Mr. Okun’s attorney(s) in Virginia do want out, does his Miami Attorney have plans to leave the case as well?

6. Why has mainstream media become disinterested in this case? Is $160,000,000 and hundreds of lives irrevocably altered not sexy enough for CNN and other major players?

7. Why is Obama and Hillary constantly campaigning for votes with the tired and controversial mortgage bailout WITHOUT addressing enforcement of unregulated investment vehicles like the 1031 exchange industry?

Where does all this leave the victims in this case? Waiting and hoping that more assets can be unearthed, liquidated, and made available to restitution funds.


2 thoughts on “Ed Okun Denied Bond: Is the Man Behind the 1031 Tax Scandal Tapped Out?

  1. Indeed this should be a major media following. Okun in fact has ruined many peoples lives and I am so happy to see that he was denied bond. And the jewelry his wife just pawned, I am sure if she pawned 700k worth of it there is more and possibly other expensive works of art or other valuables hidden. The BK trustee hopefully has subpoened all of his credit card records bank accounts to ascertain exactly what was purchased with all this money.

  2. Monica,

    It is curious that no agency deems this worthy of being a major news item. I would think at the hyper local level that you would hear about it too. My Bay Area stations run the same old shit stories about the economy with none of the reporting coming from a true understanding of what is going on in this country.

    Why not interview the victims? Why hasn’t a consumer advocate picked it up.

    What about that madman Ralph Nader? Where is he in all of this stuff–not 1 word!

    Tell me where did you hear that Simone pawned off $700k in jewelry? Do you have a source to verify that statement? I would love to read about it and follow up.


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