Okun Attorney To Miami Herald: “Ed Is Confident He Will Be Proven Innocent In A Court of Law”

 Reuters.com published this article March 20, 2008

“Miami businessman Okun arrested in fraud scheme” is the Miami Herald’s Dan Christensen’s wonderful, succinct description of the events of the Ed Okun saga as it unfolds. Although most of the article is a recapitulation of information, some of the following passages paint a picture of recent events.

According to Okun attorney Rosen: ”He (Okun) was arrested early this morning by federal agents who came to his house while he was having breakfast with his wife and two-year-old child.”

Analysis: Mr. Rosen’s description of Mr. Okun’s arrest in front of Mr. Okun’s child is an obvious attempt to seek sympathy in the court of public opinion.

What about the unknown number of children who are sitting with their parents around a breakfast table trying to figure out what to do to make ends meet in the everyday real world?

What we know:

1. “Okun is being held without bond at Miami’s Federal Detention Center, according to his Coral Gables lawyer Michael Rosen.”

2. “Okun told The Miami Herald in December that his actions have been misunderstood.”

3. “More than a dozen alleged victims live in Florida, and include retirees, businessmen and even a former Broward Sheriff’s detention deputy.

4. The Miami Herald claims that Rosen will attempt to seek bail for Mr. Okun in Virginia

Analysis: Having lived in Virginia for 7 years, being told by natives that it is the northern part of the south, and witnessing the staunch very real conservatism the state supported–good luck

5. The “Simone” Factor: “The indictment says Okun had an employee overnight $15,000 in cash to him while he was aboard ”The Simone” while staying at the Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island in Nassau in January 2007.


3 thoughts on “Okun Attorney To Miami Herald: “Ed Is Confident He Will Be Proven Innocent In A Court of Law”

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  2. Dear Sir,

    My Son Richard B. Simring is wrongfully charged with criminal activity involving Okun.

    If you read THE FOX REPORT … THE RISE AND FALL OF RICHARD B. SIMRING …. the introduction and comments what will be revealed is a clear case of juicial apathy and prosecuorial misconduct.

    Everything stated can be documented and proven.


    I may be contacted at:


    I will be pleased to discuss this matter and provide information that I have.

    Thank you.

    Ellis Stewart Simring

  3. Dear Mr. Simring,

    I will contact you offline soon. I wanted to first thank you for contacting me and trusting me enough to consider my help. I have heard good stories and bad stories, in the past, about your son. I have never confirmed any of this information nor have I tried to confirm any of it. Ed Okun was always my sole interest in my series of articles.

    I know these must be very difficult times for you as it is for any of the victims of the entire Okun conspiracy. I just wanted you to understand that although it is tough to see so many people hurt by Ed Okun, and allegedly your son, there is “collateral” damage in these cases-you are proof of that fact.


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