Tip #1 To Eliminate Your Fears of Change: 3 Common Erroneous Views of Money

Although the fear of public speaking, illustrated in Forbes, or visiting the dentist rank as the two most mentioned fears according to psychology.suite.com, the #1 reason why people stay stuck in jobs that no longer fit is the fear of letting go of The Paycheck.

The fuel behind this fear are the 3 Common Erroneous Views of Money:

1. Your Access to money is directly and solely tied to your job– if you quit your job, you completely cut off your ability to access money

2. Your Supply of Money is limited to your current compensation-your supply of money only increases with the level of your compensation

3. The Appropriation of Money is selective-some people are meant to make lots of money, while others are destined to struggle. It’s your lot in life

Tip #1 to Eliminate Your Fear-eliminate your first erroneous view Access to Money as Susan Hanshaw of inner architect answers this question with one of the truths about money


2 thoughts on “Tip #1 To Eliminate Your Fears of Change: 3 Common Erroneous Views of Money

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