Are You Ready To Let Go of The Paycheck, Do You Understand Your Fears, Where Do You Go For Answers?

Are you ready to change your Fear into Freedom?

If you answered yes to this question take heart–the answers to the steps to begin the process (your journey) are contained in this article.

In WebMd’s article “Fear and Phobias: The Top 10 Plus One”, Americans harbor fear for a variety of things including spiders, confined spaces, and the obvious fear death. Yet this list of human fragilities makes no mention of money, jobs, or the paycheck.

The omission of money, job, or the paycheck seems very curious since those are the top three (weight is a factor) most complained about maladies that people mention when you ask “So how are things going for you?”

On the other hand, Forbes claims that “50% of Americans dislike or hate their jobs” yet the fear of letting go of a paycheck and leaving the cause of such pain seems impossible to most people–until now.

Becoming an Inner Architect, Susan Hanshaw’s video series, launched one of the most important segments to date: How Do You Let Go of The Paycheck and Lose The Fear? In this multi part segment, Susan asks the question etched on nearly everyone’s mind:

How Do I let Go of My Paycheck and Lose The Fear?

Before you can understand how to take action to eliminate your fear of money-fear of losing the paycheck you must first realize:

You haven’t been shown that there is another way of looking at money

The next 3 videos in our series will show you three erroneous views of money and how you can change those views to release your fears.


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