Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #8: The 3 Components To A Successful Blog

There are many factors and components which make up the strategy for a successful real estate blog. Yet what is often forgotten in the technology, the message, and the focus is the social aspects of your blog site.

What keeps people interested, what keeps them coming back, and what encourages them to participate in the first place?

The answer is Social Media Optimization and functionality similar to what has made Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo Groups such powerful tools for blogging.

3 Components To A Successful Blog

1. Expression: People want to express their frustrations, their ideas, opinions, suggestions, and their beliefs. They want to be heard by the company they do business with on an ongoing basis.

Analysis-What tools do you incorporate in your blog that allows consumers to express themselves? Have you considered an open forum, comments section, community page, or a letters to the editor type of free speech tool that allows people to “have their say”?

2. Belonging: People love to feel they belong in most any setting; this can not be underestimated in business. Consumers want to belong to clubs, groups, and societies for many reasons. Belonging provides people with a “community” feeling, a feeling that their voice will be heard (expression again), a sense that they are “privy” to exclusive information or time sensitive information

Analysis-How does your blog and website make consumers feel? Do they feel as if they belong to your community (business)? Do you have a club or membership that allows consumers access to something of special value that your competitors do not provide?

One great example of utilizing these components are the wine clubs within premium wineries in California. You can join their wine clubs which provide members with time sensitive, exclusive, and valuable information ie release dates. Special product offerings and club events fulfill members needs and provide value.

3. Recognition–People want to be recognized whether it’s by their favorite maitre’d in a restaurant, their mechanic, or their credit card company. We all want others to understand we are important and standout as individuals. Anyone stating differently is either not owning up to this fact or they are in the minority of the people I have encountered over a 25 yr career in business development.

Analysis-How are you recognizing your customers, past clients, or potential clients? Do you spotlight someone’s business in an attempt to help market their message? Do you provide a section on your site for clients to advertise their businesses free of charge? Do you maintain an open invitation database, on your blog, with links to your client’s businesses? What are you doing to make sure your past customers, current clients, and future clients feel recognized?

2 thoughts on “Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #8: The 3 Components To A Successful Blog

  1. I agree with you in that Blogs need to be Community Catalysts, harnessing the ideas and resources of individual contributors to disseminate knowledge. Your insights on this blog are truly noteworthy and I sincerely look forward to reading many more…

    Thanking You

    Vijay Krishna

  2. Thank you Vijay for your kind contributions.

    Sometimes the answers are right in front of us but we fail to utilize what is working for other sites. I have found myself getting caught up in attempting to “reinvent the wheel” when simple imitation and improvement on concepts is the key to integration and success.

    Thanks and please keep on writing!


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