author Reggie Nicolay: Blogging Seminar To The Real Estate Industry

I had the pleasure of attending, and participating, in Reggie Nicolay’s blogging seminar presented to Realtors and affiliates at Fidelity National Title in San Rafael this past Friday. Reggie is the Director of Technology for Fidelity and a seasoned blog author and evangelist for blogging. His site, co-authored by wife Niki and good friend Chad Johnson, is a veritable mashup of tech information focused on helping Realtors and professionals with blogging, hardware, software, social media, and tips-tricks.

Reggie’s presentation utilized a fun and easy to understand powerpoint presentation punctuated with facts and information on blogging and marketing.

Highlights, Tips, Information

1. Call to Action–National Association of Realtors “72% of buyers begin their searches online” and California Association of Realtors ” 84% of buyers begin their searches online

2. Google–35% of buyers begin their online search on Google. Google is the most critical place for Realtors to establish name recognition

3. Trend–100,000,000 blogs are now in the blogosphere with the number growing everyday

4. Strategy–for Realtors Reggie outlined “Hyper Local” blogging with a great example as well as subject matter tips

5. List of Jargon–Reggie provides a list of blogosphere jargon and definitions such as pinging, the sandbox, links and linkage, social media, commenting, analytics, reach, traffic, stumble, content, and facebook to name a few

6. RSS–Really Simple Syndication is explained along with it’s role in increasing readership-traffic, providing a method for readers to easily find your content, and as a method to measure your audience

7. Content Writing–simple instructions on the length, time to write, methods to get noticed, and a simple how to were presented. Most valuable is Reggie’s ability to dispell the myth that finding content aka subject matter to write articles is the most difficult part of blogging


2 thoughts on “ author Reggie Nicolay: Blogging Seminar To The Real Estate Industry

  1. John,

    Your site remains the best example of hyper-localism punctuated with the kind of rich writing utilizing succinct minimal length articles of any blog in the blogosphere. With apologies to the many great real estate bloggers out there, I still use you as “the” example for all Realtors to follow when launching their blogs.


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