Sodini’s: Italian Family Tradition in The Heart of North Beach San Francisco

Frankie, Deano, Sammy, and Joey would have had hours of fun, Vito Corleone would have done a deal in the back at the table off the kitchen, and my grandmother and grandfather took one of their first dates at a checker clothed table by wine bottle candlelight and Louis Prima crooning in the background– just like what you find at Sodini’s in North Beach.

Sodini’s owned and lovingly operated by my friend Mark Sodini is the closest original thing to Billy Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” It is a combination of old school San Francisco tradition, a well established San Francisco restaurant running family, and Cheers–a place where you belong the moment you walk through the door.

The mouth watering home made gnocchi, stone oven fired crisp buttery pizzas, the rack of lamb, or any one of the ravioli dishes make me forget my mom’s cooking. Sodini’s is an incredible value with prices, see the menu, which defy San Francisco’s stratospheric restaurant price structure.

Atmosphere is what sets Sodini’s apart from the rest. Mark Sodini is an engaging, honest, home spun, funny, and charismatic host. As the captain of the ship, Mark runs his restaurant from behind the bar which faces to the open dining room. He greets everyone and I mean everyone who comes in and out the door. Mark provides an atmosphere where you feel you are truly amongst friends.

It is the Cheers of San Francisco. Thanks Mark for the memories!


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