Realtor’s Blog Video Tool #1: Your Complete Source For Video Production

Ben Cope of provided a powerful tip with his succinct post about one of the most valuable one-stop shop sites for information on how to produce your own videos:Make Internet TV.” In fact Ben, who bills himself as the “Internet Genius”, summarized the value of

“Interested in creating your own video podcast or internet TV show, but don’t know where to start? The MakeInternetTV guide has step-by-step instructions for shooting, editing, and publishing online videos that can be watched and subscribed to by millions of people!”

Included on the site are step by step instructions in the following:

1. Video Equipment: What to use and how

2. Shoot: Camera basics and techniques how to shoot your video

3. Edit: 3 rich video tutorials on how to edit video using PC, Mac, or Linux platforms

4. License: information on how to license your video work via Creative Commons or Copyright

5. Publish: How to publish your work on your blog using video services like youtube or or utilizing video blogs a instruction manual on how to place your video on your blog.

6. Promote: this shows you how to set up your RSS subscription feed button and a very valuable piece onengage the network


3 thoughts on “Realtor’s Blog Video Tool #1: Your Complete Source For Video Production

  1. Troy,

    Thanks for the kind words Troy!

    I followed those “difficult instructions” and clicked on the button to Chicago. Best of luck. Hey keep us updated on how you are doing and maybe I can write an article on your “journey.”


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