Newsflash: Hell’s Angels Plot to Kill Mick Jagger Revealed on The Huffington Post


Courtesy of The Huffington Post and A.P.

In what has been suspected, written about in numerous books, and the subject of speculation, Mick Jagger was the target of a 1969 assassination attempt by his Altamont “security force” the Hell’s Angels. The source of this information, as reported by the Huffington Post, comes from an interview of former FBI agent Mark Young for the BBC documentary “The FBI at 100” to be aired Monday evening in the UK.

According to sources, the Angels, aka “the 81”, were angered by Jagger’s treatment of them during the ill fated 1969 Altamont concert. The venue and event has been, accurately portrayed, as the the end of the ’60’s. The Angel’s anger stems from what they feel is disrespect by Jagger toward members who were “taking care of business” during the concert. If you do not understand the term taking care of business, reference “Immigrant & Social Order: The Oakland Chapter of The Hell’s Angels 50th Anniversary.”

The results of this anger was a failed attempt to reach Jagger, while he was vacationing, at his Long Island, New York home. The attack was a sea to shore attack that went awry when the boat the “hit team” was navigating lost control in stormy choppy waters and capsized. No known or dared to be talked about attempts were made after the initial plot.


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