10 Year Old Eddie Van Halen!

Reuters.com published this article on February 23, 2008

Have you ever seen a prodigy in any walk of life? Do you ever wonder if your kindred soul is walking around out there without any clue you exist? Well my “son” is this kid if I ever had a son-which I do not.

As a former associate to a EMI record company talent scout, I do understand what it takes to make it in the music business. I was lucky enough to see bands like Huey Lewis & The News, Journey, Eric Martin Band & Mr-Mr, and Ranger aka Night Ranger (Jack Blades you rock) in clubs prior to their ascension to stardom.

If ever there was a star in the making, this kid has it written all over him! If you understand “tapping” technique made famous by Eddie Van Halen, you will be astounded by this kid’s ability! The following video is his rendition of Eddie Van Halen’s dynamic, unequaled, and music industry turning point “riff” “Eruption.” Pay attention you rock fans–this kid is the real deal in raw, rough diamond form.

Btw, this video has 446,000+ views on youtube–this kid rocks!


8 thoughts on “10 Year Old Eddie Van Halen!

  1. Brad,

    You are a Rocker! Great promo shots of you and your girl. I enjoyed your music. As for the guitar solo collage you assembled, those are some very serious talents. I am still a big Jimmy H, Santana, Ronnie Montrose, Eddie Van Halen, and believe it or not Roy Clark fan. Even Charro could pick it in my book.

    Thanks for sharing this is a great site!


  2. Santa Fe,

    How cool is that kid! At the beginning of the solo I thought it was ok and from a 10yr old exceptional but it is really the point where he starts tapping that you know this kid is special.


  3. Dean – I played at ALL those places and even the OMNI. We opened for Robin Trower
    and another time for Blue Oyster Cult….man, you’re bringing back some memories. Thanks.

    BTW – couldn’t find what you were reffering to on Reuters….just FYI Thanks Dean!!

    Brad Andersohn

  4. Brad,

    You are the man! I had no idea that you played with those heavyweights. The Reuter’s article has 600+ views. The way they run blogs in and out of their site is on an hourly or daily basis as explained to me. Consequently the post is very hard to search for without the direct link. I will provide the direct link in the follow up comment.

    Quick story this Christmas I am visiting my parents in Chicago and coming home. My girlfriend and I are on the homebound flight, while boarding in walks this guy and I turn to my girlfriend and tell her have you ever met Jack Blades? She didn’t even know who he was, thats another story all together, so I let it go.

    Upon arrival we allow most of the passengers to exit when suddenly Jack goes striding by up the aisle. So I called out “Hey Jack” twice. He stopped came back and we had a quick friendly moment of recognition. The last thing you expect to see is a former rock star flying commercial coach. Nice guy.

  5. Brad,

    At the top of the post underneath the videos I wrote “Reuters.com published this article February 23, 2008.” The “Reuters.com” is a live link to the article on Reuters. Here is the link raw form:


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