“Why Being First In Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business”: Cornell Study Latest Blast To Realtor Community

One of the must read blogs in the blogosphere, therealestatebloggers.com, outlined a 2006 Cornell University study that is a call to arms for real estate brokers and agents yet to adopt blogging as a marketing tool.

In the article “Why Being First in Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business” the following points are vital to your business:

1. 1st Position in Google: ranking #1 on page 1 of a Google search “will get you more than half of the clicks on a given search.”

2. 1st Position vs 2nd Position in Google: Ranking “first in Google will get you 4 times the clicks that the second position will.”

3. Top 10 Myth: According to seoresearcher.com “The ‘top-ten’ (Top 10 spots-page 1 on a Google search) itself is a very diverse group with the number of clicks increasing almost logarithmically as your rank grows.”

The most important point–“The first five positions get over 88% of the traffic, and the first three – 79%.”

Another blog to check into if you are interested in Marin County real estate is Ginger Wilcox’s (Pacific Union Greenbrae) blog blogbythebay.com. Ginger provides timely news about one of the most expensive counties in the country to live. Good job Ginger!


5 thoughts on ““Why Being First In Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business”: Cornell Study Latest Blast To Realtor Community

  1. The statistics come as no surprise. Having a Real Estate blog that is highly indexed by Google has been another source of business leads. Lately it seems to be picking up even more steam. I am very familiar with Ginger Wilcox as we trade comments on our blogs regularly 🙂

  2. Bill,

    It is so important to hear successful blogging Realtors describe how this next generation online marketing tool is changing their business.

    The uphill battle we fight to bring this message to the real estate community is still lost on many. Yet with “evangelists” like you describing your successes and ongoing momentum, I am hoping to utilize your experiences as a road map for others in your industry.

    How and why is blogging still being scoffed at in the real estate industry? One example is the blog written by NAR. One recent post was about “writing anything” as long as you post. It seems the NAR blog was posting 1-3x per month and we know that just doesn’t get it.

    Even more telling and a bit hard to believe was the fact that the author was complaining about “having something to say.”

    With the economy, mortgage meltdown, and real estate in the news every single day, it seems obvious to me that content is NEVER an issue.

    Keep up the fine work by leading by example you are helping yourself and your industry!


  3. Dean – Thanks. It is funny how it has not been embraced yet. I know there are many that are not comfortable writing but also think that there are folks who do not see it as a viable means of business. I am hoping this viewpoint continues for a while 🙂 I know it gives me a real big edge.

  4. Bill,

    You are so right on the mark. Most Realtors are searching for a lead generation tool, advertising budget, and viral marketing machine to help push them through this tough time.

    The answer is right in front of them yet most are unwilling or intimidated.

    You have a massive advantage Bill. If you check out John Harper’s http://theharperteam.com you will find the “hyper local” template. John as well as Kevin Boer of http://3oceansrealestate.com have written about towns-cities-neighborhoods. There constant mention of keywords has locked up many searches with reference to the locations they sell.

    The next big thing in real estate blogging? Blog Networks as being proposed by Pat Kitano of http://transparentre.com. Simply put a large or even medium sized brokerage could lock up Google search in their area by doing the following:

    1. Assign 1-2 Realtors to write per office.
    2. Ea Realtor writes 1 article per week.
    3. The brokerage then publishes these articles in aggregate.

    Ex: If a broker has 5 offices with 2 Realtors writing articles that is 10 articles per week or double the usual content–

    Now imagine a National presence like a Coldwell Banker with 40 Bay Area offices from San Jose to Santa Rosa producing 80 articles per week. The massive amount of content becomes a huge keyword library, capturing the page 1 top 10 slots per search term, and essentially locking out the competition on any Google searches going forward.

    The best idea about your position right now Bill–you can do the same thing and lock your competitors out of your market with some effort in a very short timeframe.

    Best of luck and thanks for commenting !


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