San Francisco City Guides: How To Get To Know Any San Francisco City Neighborhood published this article February 10, 2008

One of the most intriguing, history infused, hands on methods of getting to know a San Francisco neighborhood is offered by San Francisco City Guides. The service is sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library and it is free.

The mission statement of SFCG:

“City Guides volunteers are serious about sharing the fun of discovering San Francisco and its neighborhoods. Our purpose is to preserve and perpetuate the history and folklore of San Francisco and to celebrate its rich history of cultural diversity. And in the spirit of our primary sponsor, the San Francisco Public Library, we provide this service free of charge.”

The advantages of SFCG to Realtors:

1. Welcome Wagon-provides a welcome to any city neighborhood with history and insider tips on the neighborhoods past and present day life

2. Independent Source-provides clients the opportunity to see the neighborhood without the perception of sales pressure or a watchful eye following them around

3. Valuable Source-sets the Realtor apart as a valuable source on city and neighborhood life

4. Realtor Education-Realtors can gain insight into the neighborhoods they sell and the neighborhood’s prior history by taking these tours

5. Entertainment-Realtors could identify the landmarks, entertainment choices, and restaurants within the neighborhood and draft a short list/map. This would give clients a hit sheet of fun ideas on their neighborhood and add to the tour’s value


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