Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker: McCain’s War Machine vs Hillary-Obama’s “Magic Bus”

2008 will go down as the turning point and most serious year in the history of the United States since Kennedy faced down Khrushchev’s WW3 challenge in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The election that is moving ever close brings with it the type of peril that can catapult us into the darkest chapter in American history or this election can become a history making break–away from the Republican “army” that we now suffer under.

Missile Map For the United States, the crisis began on October 15, 1962
Courtesy the thinkquest.org

Analyze the Points:

1. The Candidates are window dressing in this crisis–none of these people will have free reign to implement their policies

2. The Party Policies are the real debate and danger as the Republican and Democratic parties already have in place their strategies moving forward

Vote for Ideology:

1. A vote for the Republicans translates to a vote for continued never ending War in the Middle East justified on the premise of withdraw with honor and a unattainable win, Big Oil industry profit windfalls driven by gasoline manipulation and monopoly, and the continued drunken sailor spending that has our currency and monetary system weakened beyond immediate repair.

2. A vote for the Democrats translates to a vote for a shortened “cut-our” losses withdraw from the Middle East War zone of our creation, an absolutely absent plan for economic recovery framed by government controlling market crushing legislation (mortgage rate freeze), and an emphasis on “change” with absolutely no substance or strategies with which to change the course of economic peril the country is skidding out of control upon.

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