Realtor’s Guide To Blog Writing Tip #1: Three Components Of Success published this article February 9, 2008

Blogging is the most powerful next generation online marketing tool available to Realtors today. The #1 concern in a Realtor’s mind is being able to produce compelling content on a daily basis. Reality dictates that technology is and will remain the biggest challenge to entry and content the biggest “psychological” factor to adoption. Let’s concentrate on content.

3 Components of Successful Blog Writing

1. Have Something to Say:

Before you embark upon the task of writing a blog, identify your core message to readers. Within this message (what you wish to “say” in developing your “voice”) identify your “differentiating factor” aka what makes you special? Are you a seller’s agent with a twist on presentations? Do you have a great marketing plan? Are you an expert in a hyper local area?

Remember when you are delivering your message make it full of valuable information that helps the reader NOT a sales pitch–EVER.

One of the best examples of “Having Something To Say” comes from Tommy at a rich compilation and differentiating message filled with analysis, facts, and common sense for the industry.

2. Know How To Say It:

When writing your message make sure you have a direction. Present information supported with facts, tips, guides, how to’s, and strategies. Provide sources to back up your message. Make sure your writing is grammatically correct, spell checked, and pleasing to the eye. The best example of a hyper local blog by a Realtor with direction and understanding of “How to Say it” is John Harper’s blog at

3. Be Able To Sell It:

Did I not just state that you should NEVER EVER sell anything in your writing on your blog? Yes I did. Here is what I mean by “Be Able To Sell It”–

Create a blogging plan. Hone your writing skills, identify your differentiating factor, create content with the specific goal of adding free valuable information that will help both consumers and fellow industry professionals. An avalanche of information, an embarrassment of riches best describes the type of industry analysis and future forecasting found at Pat Kitano’s encyclopedic source If for nothing else read this blog for the trend analysis.

What does doing all of this accomplish? All of these components help to create a blog that becomes a “go-to source” of information that drives traffic, creates buzz for you, provides a “moving” resume of your thoughts and skills, and illustrates to the world your commitment to your profession.

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