Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #4: Google’s Corporate Culture Applied To Your Business

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If you are over 40 years of age and worked in corporate America you have probably experienced corporate cultures from high stress “push it over the edge” to win-win watch out for the other guy. Because the corporate culture mirrors the company founders, many corporations were all about watching the bottom line and operating from a sense of “entitlement” only enjoyed by the privileged few in a corporation.

This theme of “inner circle” corporate cultures fostered work place drama, backstabbing, neediness, and general discord amongst employees. A sense of “us” (employees) vs “them” (executives) was the order of the day. The overall results of which was a revolving door effect where employees came and left as if parolees from a work release program.

Google was voted the Best Place to Work in 2007 for a number of reasons. The perks at Google are Disneyland like and the compensation is lucrative to say the least. Yet the answer goes deeper than these wonderful aspects of working at Google. Here is the key to the satisfaction of working for Google:

1. Hierarchy is Bad: Google disdains hierarchical order. Hierarchy breeds discontent, secrecy, and an inner circle atmosphere where many people are “left out of the loop.” Ultimately this type of structure kills individual communication, team communication, and ultimately the entire corporate culture.

Analysis: Create a feeling of ownership with each agent by making them privy to the company direction and communcications

2. Small Creative Teams: Google’s core philosophy incorporates the work concept of small creative teams highly flexible and extremely motivated. In addition to this core philosophy, Google allows it’s employees creative licence to a degree rarely exhibited in other corporate cultures.

Analysis: Create and task small teams with projects that can bring value to the company. Allow agents a free hand in exploring new marketing, business processes, tools, and other concepts that could differentiate the brokerage

3. Purpose: Google employees “Googlers” have a sense of purpose in their work fostered by the confidence the company shows in it’s employees. This confidence allows Googlers room to expand their boundaries, pursue projects, work independently, and work in small creative teams. Consequently Googlers are driven through their purpose with the results being high performance and even higher satisfaction.

Analysis: Purpose comes from motivation which is part of an employee’s buy in to the corporate culture. Without the first two Google concepts, your brokerage will never operate with a purpose driven sales force

Advice: View the following video not for the long list of perks your brokerage would never be able to match but instead watch for the information on employee work processes:


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #4: Google’s Corporate Culture Applied To Your Business

  1. I have experienced all that in the corporate culture and at the blue collar and management culture. Eventually the only way out in my case was to become self-employed. But when you are in a business that is regulated by the state and federal government, success, profit, achieved goals become secondary, especially when they interfere with your work just to make work for themselves. When you are dependent on a business license then you really find out what government is about. The last recourse is to flee which I also accomplished successfully

  2. EY,

    My hats is off to you for your fortitude and adventurous spirit. You are oh so correct in stating “. . . when they interfere with your work just to make work for themselves.”

    That is the mentality behind the multitude of layers of law enforcement agency all established to provide jobs. Nothing is more true than the crap behind the fictional war on drugs. More agencies, more cops, more lawyers, more politicians result in fewer changes, higher cost to tax payers, and a solution never to be realized!


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