San Francisco Forty Niners 5 Super Bowl Titles: 1980’s Most Dominant Era In NFL History

All due respect goes to Tom Brady, a local Nor Cal guy, and the Boston Patriots. Great team but not the greatest ever. That designation, in my opinion, goes to the San Francisco Forty Niners voted team of the 1980’s. Why are the Niners my choice as the dynasty of all dynasties?

1. 1980’s: Coming off the heals of the NFL’s greatest era the 1970’s, the decade of the 1980’s included some of the greatest teams in NFL history. Powerhouses included the 49ers, Redskins, Giants, Raiders, Bears, Cowboys, Steelers, Eagles, Dolphins, Broncos. The talent level on each team was deep and Hall of Fame quality.

2. No Cap: Teams in the 1980’s were loaded. They could pay players without salary caps to hamstring their efforts.

3. Parody: In the 1980’s there were at least 8 great teams operating every year. Parody was not part of the equation as the philosophy without a cap is to produce the “super talented super deep” teams.

Today’s Patriot’s team, like Jordan’s Bulls, does not have enough quality foes to test themselves against nor enough quality rivals. The Patriots, like the Bulls, walk through mediocre (by 1980’s standards) schedules. They do not have the competition to compete against to consider them the greatest team of alltime.