WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg Raises $2.9M In Funding: Blogging Can No Longer Be Ignored By American Media Or It’s Advertising Clients

Today marks the turning point and trumpets the arrival of the sea change in American media and culture; the revolution begins as the preeminent open source software platform for blogging, WordPress, creator Matt Mullenweg has received $29.5 million in a series B Funding for his company Automatic.

This event validates, legitimizes, and transforms the once thought art form ramblings of a dissident few into the collective “citizen journalistic” revolution of the next generation multi media channel in America.

This event is akin to Ray Kroc applying factory assembly line processes to a small hamburger stand and changing the way Americans ate out. Food cooked fast, delivered faster, with a smile and little wreckage to your wallet.

If you remain skeptical then you MUST read Om Malik’s awesome article “WordPress.com Creator Raises $29.5M” which gives the story of creator Matt Mullenweg and his role in the explosion of the blogosphere crashing the traditional media’s stranglehold on news.

In my opinion we bloggers are perceived and mislabeled similar to the rantings that accompanied the name Andre Agassi when he first burst upon the tennis world. Andre was about “image” but as we all came to find out–Andre had great substance and style. He won with class and he won often.

Analysis: We (bloggers and consultants) continually stand up and make the unabashed statement that “Blogging is the sea change and next generation marketing that will change the media world as we know it” and today is another large granite block in the foundation of that posit.

* For those business owners, especially Realtors-brokers and mortgage brokers, to ignore the declining readership numbers and declining advertising revenue dollars of the large print media giants is to ignore the sea change.

* For those business owners to ignore the fact that former writers and prominent journalists are creating blogs and selling their offerings through ad based models essentially becoming their “own brand” is to lack vision. These journalists are leaving the constrictions of their newspapers and branding the same way real estate brokers have been branding their businesses for years.

* The most obvious signal that the real estate industry should adopt blogging comes with the simple fact that major print media newspapers are now requiring their writers to blog, they are hiring outside bloggers to write for them, and they are establishing their own ONLINE newspaper sites (ie. NY Times and WSJ) to capture the lost revenue they are leaking due to the internet and blogging revolution.

Resource Guide of Bloggers: The following list includes bloggers who are helping to transform and revolutionize the media landscape as we know it through their efforts. These bloggers are providing (free of charge) valuable and business changing information, strategies, tips, how to formulas, guides, and list. There are thousands of dollars worth of free information jammed packed into this list. Take advantage.

Patrick Kitano www.transparentre.com
Kevin Boer www.3Oceansrealestate.com
John Harper http://theharperteam.com
Tommy http://therealestatebloggers.com
Brad Andersohn http://activerain.com/blogs/bandersohn
Melanie Narducci http://condocontessa.wordpress.com
Director Tom http://thomasclifford.gaia.com/blog
Thomas Marban http://popurls.com
Zoli Erdos http://zoliblog.com
Susan Hanshaw http://innerarchitect.wordpress.com and http://innerarchitect.com


8 thoughts on “WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg Raises $2.9M In Funding: Blogging Can No Longer Be Ignored By American Media Or It’s Advertising Clients

  1. Hi Dean!

    Many thanks for including my ideas as a corporate filmmaker
    among your list 🙂

    The landscape is changing quickly, so my dream is that media will play an integral part in telling and shaping a new story for all us.

    Be well, be great, be remarkable.

    Corporate Filmmaker

  2. Director Tom,

    I am inspired by your cordial kindness and authenticity.

    I am also inspired by the high praise bestowed upon you by Deepak Chopra truly one of the greats.

    The Experts board is still in formulation but I would appreciate your participation on this board when it is ready to launch. Many thanks Director Tom!


  3. Dean – I subscribe to your Blog because it is power packed and loaded with valuable information. Thank you for the mention and credits here on this post, but let’s not cut yourself short. I know your readers, visitors and subscribers find great value in your blog, and that’s why we keep coming back. Thanks for all you do and contribute to this great blogosphere of ours, keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. Brad,

    I am humbled! Thank you so much for the kindness. I will continue to do my best.

    Btw, Great video of Eddie V jamming on your site! I am a former knock around in the music scene and I love that late 70’s-’80’s rock n roll scene and sound. Do you have any video of you?


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