Experts Board: deansguide’s Plan For Best of Breed Business Directory

scientist.jpg published this article Jan 23, 2008

Everyday I am asked by someone in business or personal dealings “Hey Dean do you know someone or a company that can do____?” Because of this demand for best of breed services and products, I am currently compiling a “Experts Board” which will perform the following functions:

1. Best of Breed Services: A group of companies and individuals, friends and contacts, that have high standards of practice chosen by deansguide for their professionalism.

2. One Stop Shop: A yellow pages type directory that allows deansguide readers the opportunity to locate, on a global scale, a multitude of services and products.

3. Networking: The opportunity to contact Expert Board members to initiate networking and possible synergy with your company.

The format will remain simple. We will provide pages with a description of the service/product, a short bio, and links to our experts. The idea is to make it simple, fast, and convenient to contact and begin communication with our expert friends at deansguide.

Please gives us feedback by commenting on this idea and any suggestions you would like to see integrated into the Expert Board directory.


3 thoughts on “Experts Board: deansguide’s Plan For Best of Breed Business Directory

  1. Great idea Dean

    Should you find my law firm and my QI company Amherst 1031 worthy, we would both love to participate.

    Egenolf Associates LLP as a law firm with long term 1031 expertise and experience

    Amherst 1031 as a very experienced Qualified Intermediary that provides complete safety for all funds held.

  2. deennysmunc,

    Thank you and I have always had a love for watches. As a former sales rep on the road, I owned very nice originals as well as great knock-off watches. The knock-offs were especially important as I often visited printing plants, bank vaults, or other dusty problematic areas.

    I love you site! I will be back.


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