Realtor Safety At Open Houses: 3 Tips And A Warning That Could Save Your Life

As reported by John HarperEast Bay Rapist Arrested” nearly a year ago, ex convict Daniel Duran was attempting to assault Realtors at open houses in the Dublin-San Ramon-Pleasanton areas. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident as described by the following video about similar activity in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Warning: Do not get caught in the “Earthquake Syndrome.” Even though we, here in Northern California know we are in earthquake country, very few take precautions and prepare a plan ahead of time.

Watch the video then please consider utilizing any or all of the security tips provided below. Be safe Not sorry!

3 Tips to Remain Safe:

1. Buddy up: When possible have a family member, co-worker, or affiliate work an open house with you. Safety in numbers.

2. Surveillance: Insist that your broker provide video camera surveillance with accompanying posted signs alerting the public that they are on camara for the safety of the Realtor. If your broker will not provide the equipment consider bringing your own video camara and set it up. At the very least post signs alerting the public that they are on camara. Sometimes just the signs alone will deter possible problems.

3. Connectivity: You must always have a fully charged cell phone on your hip for quick access. Leaving your cell in a purse, in your car, or on the desk is not good enough. In addition set up a system with your office where you receive 1 check in call per hour as a way to stay connected.


8 thoughts on “Realtor Safety At Open Houses: 3 Tips And A Warning That Could Save Your Life

  1. Thanks for this reminder, Dean. Theresa Boardman also has a great tip; she takes a photo of the buyer’s license plate with her cell phone and sends it to her husband so he has info on who she is meeting. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Wow it is great to see you!

    Btw I just watched your new video series installment on the Marina District and it is so slick and professional! I wanted to move in.

    Did you shoot this video or did you hire a company? I would love to see your production process up close as I am about to embark on a video series for my startup

    Great to see you and the blog looks better than ever. . . it doesn’t hurt that you are an exceptional writer too!


  3. Thanks, Dean … you’re making me blush! WordPress actually has a beta of a button you can put on your tool bar; when you’re surfing and find a video you like you can blog directly from your browser and upload the video! How cool is that!

  4. Moni,

    I have yet to investigate but doesn’t that sound great! It would free me from using youtube alone. If you pick up the answer please share.

    Thanks for the kind words.


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  6. I would like to add that your should have your local police emergency phone number logged into your cell phone. If you travel through several different jurisdictions then you should also have each police emergency number in your cell phone. Sometimes it is quicker and less confusing to go directly to the jurisdiction you are in rather than dialing 911 especially if there are several almost crossover jurisdictions. You don’t want any delays.

    Also, think like a first responder because in most cases you are the first responder. Think about the many possible scenarios that could occur in your travels. Have a plan for each one. Play it over and over in your mind until it will come second nature to you in the event it comes to fruition. You don’t want to freeze, you want to react quickly and automatically.

    One of the most important weapons you can have is the element of surprise. Don’t give it to the would be attacker. In my other life I was a police detective and worked sexual assault cases for many years. I also believe in addition to being mentally prepared for anything that you should know when to use and how to use a personal protection product and have one with you at all times. Pepper pens are very popular with real estate agents because they look like a harmless pen you can carry openly without offending anyone, but if the need arises you can delay an attack giving you time to escape. There is also a stun gun that looks just like a camera cell phone and at the very least there is an electronic whistle personal alarm.

    One more thing, never become cornered in a room. Always direct your “buyers” to walk ahead of you. Always have a mental escape plan.

    Be safe, not sorry.


  7. Rosie,

    I have always thought that a good business plan for a new niche business would be to provide mobile surveillance units that could set up at Realtor Open Houses. The units would have camara’s trained on the front door, signs stating you were on camara, and a method of recording license plates on cars attending.


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