Independent Brokers Network Marin: Networking Power For The Independent Realtor

Today marked my third year attending the Marin Independent Brokers Network meetings. For any Realtor, broker, or investor interested in Marin County real estate this is a fantastic place to begin. The monthly event, normally on the first Tuesday of each month, was a state of the county address 2007 performed by long time veteran Marin Realtor Frank Soda of Sunshine Realty.

Frank focused on statistics for sales, days on market, market segments, and trends spanning a 20 year period. A interesting array of chart and graph information for Realtors. One of the most surprising pieces of information is the fact that Marin county sales were dominated by independents. According to Soda, over 50% of the homes sold in Marin in 2007 were sold by independent Realtors and brokers.

Today I made a few solid contacts none more interesting and legendary as Marin Realtor-Broker Peg Copple. Peg’s take on the 2008 market in sumary:


1. Do not listen: to the print, radio, or television media whose job it seems to sensationalize and miscalculate the data available. Headline seeking news should be ignored.

2. Just do it: put together as many listing appointments, sales calls, and client contacts as you can muster. Work the job the same diligent ways that you have in the past.

3. Be Positive and Write Offers: Dont’ be afraid to write offers in a market like the one we are in now. I believe Peg was also suggesting that by staying busy, writing offers, and remaining focused each Realtor should feel they have done absolutely everything possible.

If you are a industry professional or just interested in Marin County, the Independent Brokers Network Marin is a great place to find answers and new friends.