Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #2: Google’s Philosophy–10 Things Google Has Found To Be True published this article Jan 10, 2008

The standard operating procedure for most businesses is to push forward their mission statement as the end all be all road map to success. The most successful and influential company in America right now is Google and Google has a corporate philosophy worth examining. The following is Part 1 the first 5 of the list of “10 Things Google has found to be true.If you are a Broker what are the truths about your company, philosophy, and industry? Take a look at this list and identify how you measure up to Google’s standards:

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow: “Google has steadfastly refused to make any change that does not offer a benefit to the users who come to the site. By placing the customer first Google has built “the most loyal audience on the web. . . that growth has come through word of mouth from one satisfied user to another. Viral marketing power without the expense of mass media advertising.

Q: Can you say the same about your broker site?

2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well: Google does search. They hire the absolute best talent available to perform research. Their findings often evolve into new profitable and beneficial products but they never change their focus.

Q: Can you say that you hire the best talent for one focused service niche in your industry?

3. Fast is better than slow: “You want answers and you want them right now.” Google did not follow their industry’s long held assumption that “large servers were others assumed large servers were the fastest way to handle massive amounts of data. Google found networked PCs to be faster.

Q: Can you say that you are eliminating outdated industry philosophies (like IDX Web 1.0 sites rather than blogging) and searching for better processes to make your brokerage more efficient and fast?

4. Democracy on the web works: In the search business Google’s success goes hand in hand with other websites, content providers, and the public that utilizes them all.

Q: Can you say that you have partners in business whose business gets better because of your brokerage? Does the result of this partnership benefit the client?

5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer: The world is increasingly mobile and unwilling to be constrained to a fixed location. Wherever search is likely to help users obtain the information they seek, Google is pioneering new technologies and offering new solutions.

Q: Can you say that your brokerage and agents utilize the most up to date wireless technologies (PDA’s,Cell phones, virtual signatures, etc) producing a faster, easier, more seamless transaction and experience for your customers?

Part 2 of Survival Kit Tool #2 will focus on the second 5 truths that Google has discovered.

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