Hillary Clinton’s “Unintentional” Lesson For Realtors: Work-Life Balance, 3 Steps To “Stabilize” Your Life

The balance between work and life remains one of the biggest challenges facing Realtors, corporate America, and individuals today. Never was it more prevalent in a more public forum than in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emotional response to a campaign question in New Hampshire:

“How do you do it. . . how do you keep so upbeat and wonderful?”

Therein lies the question that we all struggle to answer on a daily basis and one that Human Resources Directors and other top people capital managers struggle with in their organizations:

How do we keep our human capital from feeling overwhelmed with work, guilty about neglecting life-family issues, and freshly optimistic?

Here are 3 steps in alleviating the challenges of a demanding career and life-family balance:

1. Awareness: Recognize your challenges in managing the time between a demanding career and life-family time, admit that the challenges actually exist and are causing discomfort in your life, and plan to take action toward a solution

2. Ability to Create: Recognize that you have the power to create your reality by utilizing your thoughts as the building blocks that create the reality that you wish. Outside influences of work or family are nothing more than excuses we use to delay our taking control of the situation at hand

3. Intention: Often confused with desire (desire is the wanting or wishing of something with no action plan in place), intention is a powerful method of concentrated focus combined with a action plan. Your intentions provide the basis for your desired results in every aspect of your life.

Conclusion: The majority of people are willing to allow outside circumstances, undue influences, and burdensome “addictions” dictate the events in their daily lives. Yet there is a better more spectacular alternative to giving up control of your life. The alternative is to understand that your thoughts create the building blocks for your reality ie quality of life. Each thought, with the guidance of a clear and focussed intention, brings you one step closer to realizing what it is you wish to accomplish, experience, create, or enjoy. The outside world has always been looked upon as the controlling factor in our lives when in realty it is our thoughts within us that hold the key to our best realized life.