Top 20 deansguides articles in 2007: Part 2 Real Estate Resource Guide

The follow list is what I consider the Top 10 articles bringing information and value to Realtors and the real estate industry. The list of tips, warnings, and posits should be considered a helpful guide and push for Realtors to adopt blogging, understand Web 2.0, and step into the next generation of marketing. I hope this helps industry professionals survive and thrive the coming 2008 Housing market:

1. Realtor Survival Tool #2 Wake Up and Pay Attention: Networking Is Like Location. . . Network, Network, Network: This article provides an interview with one of the country’s best mortgage professionals Brian Brady, 6 Tips on How to network online and in the real world, a secret (the power of women’s organizations), and a reference guide by author Jeffrey Gitomer “Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets To Networking Your Way To Rich Relationships.”

2. Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #3 “Blogging”: Your Online Marketing Presence, Moving Resume, Referral Machine: This is a beginner’s warning and wake up call, description of blogging, and what makes blogging the most powerful marketing tool in the real estate industry only a tiny percentage of Realtors utilize—RIGHT NOW.

3. Realtor’s Down Market Tip #8: If You Refuse To Blog Here Are 15 Reasons To Convince Your Broker To Blog: This is a warning and wake up call to Realtors and their brokers. The 15 reasons are statistics compiled by Blog World and New Media Expo. These statistics have been supported and backed up by NAR,, and other leading sources of online information about the explosion of Web 2.0.

This is a ready to go case argument for a Realtor, who for an unknown reason refuses to blog, who wants their Broker to pay for and provide a blogging platform.

The best network multi user blogging platform consultants in the world reside here in the San Francisco Bay Area: Pat Kitano and Kevin Boer of Domus Consulting Group. Consequently I am providing the argument and the providers of the solution.

4. Step #1 For Realtors To Understand Real Estates Paradigm Shift: Your World Is Changing Do Not Get Left In The Dust: This article was inspired by Tommy at therealestatebloggers article “Newspaper Advertising Down, Online Advertising Growing, You Make The Call.”

Therefore Step #1 for a Realtor to understand this paradigm shift is to cease being a salesperson. The point? The blogosphere tone is give without asking, provide without selling, create without strings attached. Become a trusted provider of valuable information rather than a pushy self serving sales person.

5. 5 Tips To Generate Realtor Site Content: A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Your “Content” Library: The biggest perceived challenge by Realtors to blogging is coming up with content for articles. The reality that is one the easiest challenges to eliminate. This article is a step by step guide to creating content for your blog.

In addition I have sited and Guy Kawasaki as major rich sources of ideas for articles as well as people to watch.

6. How To Start Your Own Business–Tool #2: What Differentiates Your Business?: In today’s real estate market or in any business environment this simple truth remains: what makes you different and better than the rest of the competition? This article outlines my start up and the differentiating factor. The article’s benefit is to raise awareness of the need for a differentiating factor, identify the challenges your target market must solve, and then apply your differentiating factor as the solution to these challenges.

7. One Of The Best Internet Guides For Realtors: “Rule The Web–How To Do Anything And Everything On The Internet-Better, Faster, Easier. Powerful site BoingBoing’s creator Mark Fruenfelder’s awesome guide on how to do virtually anything on the internet is such a powerful resource.

If I were a real estate broker I would buy this book for my entire team!

8. “Joe Realtor” Beware: Online Reputation Management And Blogging’s Critical Roll In Keeping Your Good Name: This is a warning that every Realtor should heed. It lists the review sites where consumers can and do write their feelings about their experiences with real estate professionals. Pay attention as this is a very important aspect of the new Web 2.0 world that is going to gain momentum.

9. Realtors, Brokers, and Mortgage Professionals Watch Out: Department of Justice Antitrust Divsion Launches Site On Competition In Your Industry: This is a warning to any professional tempted to fudge numbers on an appraisal, ignore guidelines, overlook an inappropriate gift, or consider blatantly ripping off the public. Although the internet is a very very big place to hide, the DOJ is beginning to look for you.

10. Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #5 “Global Markets”: Get Off Your Local Porch And Think Globally”: This article raises awareness of foreign investor money coming into the American market, sites that provide a glimpse of the European real estate market, and it is meant to force Realtors to consider expanding their “reach” for new business outside their comfort zones.


4 thoughts on “Top 20 deansguides articles in 2007: Part 2 Real Estate Resource Guide

  1. Ian,

    I admit that deansguide can be tough to navigate. I have another half dozen articles that might be helpful. The best way to find them is to go to the right sidebar and check the “categories” list. An example is the tag “widgets.” I have written at least 5 articles on widgets like Jaxtr, Meebo, Capture Wiz to name a few. In addition I have written about web directories such as mybloglog and like kind directories. These article may or may not help but they are very useful for agents just stepping into Web 2.0.

    I will go check out your site soon. Thanks for asking for my opinion-I will do my best. Be well!


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