Thank You My Friends, Family, and Readers: 2007 deansguide

Part 2 of the Top 20 articles on deansguide for 2007 is in the works.

History: My blog deansguide was launched March 30, 2007, thanks to Pat Kitano, and what it represents to me is nothing short of a minor miracle. Through my interest in blogging and writing, I have met many people and made many connections–none more important than Susan Hanshaw my new found love. In addition, 23 deansguide articles have been published, through news aggregating blogburst, by major news agencies Reuters, Fox Business, and Nielsen.

Without the support of my friends, new found friends, family, and readers I would not be having as much FUN as I am having with this blog. Before I publish Part 2 here is a graph, from, illustrating the progressive growth (page views) deansguide has experienced. Thank you one and all!



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