Top 20 deansguide Articles In 2007: Part 1 “Eclectic And Traffic”

My blog deansguide began as a suggestive challenge from one of my best friends and mentors Patrick Kitano. Pat made two visionary posits:

First the blogisphere will change the face of media as we know it. Second blogging will become “citizen journalism” leading to “radical transparency” and a new connectedness never before seen on a global scale. You were right Pat. Thank you for your help!

Consequently, Part 1 of deansguide year end review takes a look at the top 10 articles by traffic and buzz created in the blogisphere. Part 2 will take a look at the top 10 articles written about the real estate industry.

With little fanfare but much pride Part 1:

1. Hearst Mansion: “Nation’s Most Expensive Residential Listing–$165,000,000 and The Godfather Too!” This was by far the most read article on deansguide in 2007. It was one of the shortest. Sometimes big things come in small packages. In the month of December this article has been viewed 1,009 times with a grand total since it’s publication, July 10, 2007, of over 6,000 views. Thank you all.

2. Immigrant & Social Order: The Oakland Chapter of the Hell’s Angels 50th Anniversary This was deansguide’s first article on March 30, 2007. It was my most eclectic and well read post until “Hearst Mansion.” Hell’s Angels vs Mafia in a who is more dangerous who is more honest-you might be surprised with my answers. This article averages 500 views per month.

3. “1031 Advance”: Private Exchange Company Missing In Action In Silicon Valley This is the firestorm article that started it all for deansguide. This article was the initial spark into the 1031 Exchange fiasco and rip offs that have shaken the industry to it’s core. My tip, from a very well connected source within the title industry, helped me announce the sleazy unannounced fly by night closing of San Jose based 1031 Advance- an Ed Okun holding. Just check out the picture of Michael Douglass as “Gordon Gecko.”

4. One of the 350 Victims of Ed Okun’s Bankrupt 1031 Exchange Tax Group Speaks Out: “The Most Compelling Case Yet For Action to be Taken!” This article launched deansguide as a conduit of information and a place for victims of the Ed Okun disaster and the Donald McGhan Southwest rip off to communicate. The driving force behind this communication is Elizabeth Callanan one of the 350 victims still awaiting a settlement.

Elizabeth has provided information that is vital to the awareness of events surrounding the settlement of this case. Her story is a sad cautionary tale and one that has averaged 400 views per month since it’s publication. Thank you Elizabeth!

5. Ode to “Chili Eye Charlie. . . November 11, 2006 In what was the most difficult yet most satisfying deansguide article to date, Ode to Chili Eye Charlie was my final farewell to my best friend the victim of throat cancer. Charles Barry Henderson died after a swift and painful fight for his life of 7 weeks. This article was meant for me and for those who have lost friends or family to cancer and live the pain on a daily basis.

Chili Eye was a former Hollywood special effects coordinator, back lot knock around, army veteran, and Harley enthusiast who lead a wild life with a compassionate conclusion–after years of searching he found his purpose in life and made good on it!

6. Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy written by author and inspirational speaker Susan Hanshaw, this article has found a huge following within the educational environment. It has been viewed over 2,500 times in the last 6 weeks with the majority of traffic originating from colleges, universities, and school district web sites nationwide.


It is a compelling and instructional message that will help you reset your mind and focus going forward for 2008.

7. Breaking News–US Trustee In 1031 Tax Group Case Answers JPS Capital: “JPS Is Not Currently Offering $148 Million To Okun And The Creditors” This article was the culmination of the Joel Shapiro JPS Capital–Jerry McHale United States Trustee for the settlement of the Okun case saga.

This article invoked the kind wrath of Mr. Shapiro, the hearty thank you from Mr. McHale, and interest from Forbes magazine associate editor Michael Maiello. Thank you gentlemen for your input and communication.

8. Will Universities Adopt Blogging aka “Citizen Journalism” To Help Mold Perception and Create Their Brand? This article was both fun and serious. It outlines the stupid waste of student funds and UC Berkeley operating funds on a firm hired to provide branding and marketing expertise. I wrote a scathing review of why administrators should have utilized student, department, and faculty brain power in creating a branding strategy. Instead the school spent $200,000 on a contract that could have easily been handled by the aformentioned, created a slick hands on project for grad students, and created a Web 2.0 marketing bonanza for incoming applicants.

One of the most ridiculous decisions? Paying a consultant, $25,000, to change the name of Boalt Hall to U.C. Berkeley School of Law.

9. SRV: “Lookin back in front of me” In Step With Life In a very well received article, I examine legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn. It’s a reminder piece that you must go and see that artist, musician, friend who inspires you. Go now before they are gone. Long live Stevie Ray-king of the machine gun rapid fire riff.

10. When a Stranger Calls: Rumors, Innuendo, and Whispers What Is Going On With The 1031 Disasters? This article pays homage to my “secret” tipster from Miami. The sinister nature of the street sounding, enforcer was enough to heighten my awareness as well as my own security. Traced to a cell phone in Miami, I only heard from my “deep-throated” friend 3 times. One of those instances, my source was right on the money a week before the announcement. This article was one of the top 5 views of the year.


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