Realtor’s Down Market Tip #7: If You Refuse To Blog Make Your Website A Problem Solver!


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Many Realtors remain on the blogishpere sidelines by refusing to acknowledge the incredible value that creating a blog would represent to their business marketing, lead generation, and overall industry knowledge. Instead these Realtors stick with the tried and formerly true method of a staid “non moving” web site. These web sites utilize a “electronic brochure” Web 1.0 presentation of services and products with a heavy dose of salesmanship sure to turn off any consumer-or put them to sleep. For an example of why to blog see Pat Kitano’s “Blogging Primers.”

Meanwhile this group of low tech Realtors are losing market share, Google Search placement aka The Google Land Grab, as well as the opportunity to create value for prospective clients and networking partners. Their competitors gleefully blog, socially network within the industry creating alliances, and generate an ongoing “moveable” resume that adds value to consumers.

If you are one of these low tech Realtors you do have an option, if you refuse to create a blog, that will help make your website more attractive to consumers and your business.

The following tips come from Marketing business owner Walt Goshert of “7 Habits of Peak Performance” blog. Walt wrote a great article “Habit #4 A Wide Awake Website” which outlines some fantastic methods of creating smart websites. How did I meet Walt? I met Walt at the web directory social networking site Here are Walt’s tips:

1. The Internet allows a two way flow of information between your business and the consumer.

Walt suggests that website owners use Pictures, Audio, Video, Free download reports , email, and email courses in order to faciliate interest in creating some dialog and communication with consumers.

2. Free Information on your site is inexpensive in comparison to print-media advertising campaigns.

3. Consumer information can be captured by your site monitoring programs which allows the owner to understand what consumers want, like, and utilize. It also gives the website owner a faster return of information than with traditional offline marketing advertising.

The last tip is the biggie, the value add, and the most important (yet simple) concept to running a successful website:

4. “Stop Using the Internet to Market your products and services.” Simply put the key to using the internet is NOT tactics, tricks, and tweaks. Instead here is Walt’s advise:

“Use the Internet to market information about problems that your prospects and clients have that you are uniquely qualified to solve.” Walt Goshert

Here are my tips to get you started:

1. Google search your prospects or clients problems: For Realtors search with tags like “Top problems facing home buyers” or any type of search that describes the niche you service.

2. Research: Once you have identified the top problems facing your target market and current clients-ask for help! Pole your mentor(s), ask for feedback from clients, mine your email for examples of how you created solutions for problems, or socially network on Active Rain and ask for ideas. Do your homework.

3. Redesign your website: Acknowledge your prospects and client challenges via a page or bullet point landing page. Then on each point have that point link to your unique method of solving the problem. As Walt mentioned before, provide tools such as video, audio, free download documents, and newsletters to accomplish that connection you are looking to achieve.


3 thoughts on “Realtor’s Down Market Tip #7: If You Refuse To Blog Make Your Website A Problem Solver!

  1. Thanks Dean…

    Hope my suggestions help your readers.

    Hey Dean, loved your post yesterday on the most valuable real estate parcel in the U.S. (And, always love how you use great interesting pictures in your posts… I gotta do a better job of practicing what I preach on this!)


  2. Walt,

    Thank you! Great tips for anyone who has a website that is not performing.

    I would suggest that folks take advantage of your website “check ups” in order to reach full potential.

    It is so important especially for Realtors who are afraid of blogging due to time constraints (their own perception), technology curve issues, and worries over producing a consistent stream of content.

    Thanks again and I hope people take advantage of your expertise Walt.


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