Step #1 For Realtors To Understand Real Estates Paradigm Shift: Your World Is Changing Do Not Get Left In The Dust picked up this article 11/29/2007

The world of real estate is going through a paradigm shift of the highest order with marketing campaigns moving from print to online (see for data), clients becoming more active in their search for information, and lead generation for Realtors becoming informational rather than self promotional. Understanding this massive shift is just the beginning to stepping into the progressive changes that are occurring in the industry.

Many Realtors deserved or not (my mom is a Realtor) have over the years been perceived by the public as information hording (MLS data), win-lose based, high pressure salespeople. The perception of the greedy Realtor is being changed with the adoption of Web 2.0 sharing of information, blogging and the tone of the blogisphere, as well as the continued demands on extensive Realtor education.

Therefore Step #1 for a Realtor to understand this paradigm shift is to cease being a salesperson. For an example of a salesperson view our video above. Stay away from selling clients, pressuring decisions, cajoling, or using any number of outmoded-outdated sales tactics meant to elicit the magic “Yes” word. Those days are over! Now repeat after me: “Those days are over.”

Today’s Realtor is a collaborative partner, information wellspring, and a thought provoking ally to the client. By becoming an expert in your niche, providing an endless amount of value through expertise and information, and allowing clients to feel comfortable, you will create the type of business you wish to achieve.

Step #1: Drop the salesman persona and you will begin your ascent into the future of real estate.


7 thoughts on “Step #1 For Realtors To Understand Real Estates Paradigm Shift: Your World Is Changing Do Not Get Left In The Dust

  1. It sure sounds like you had a bad encounter. Those of us in the real estate profession are sales people but we are advocates first and foremost for our clients. We do not steer clients toward one home over another but help them assess based on their goals and needs they shared with us.

    Yes there is a lot of information available for the public but there is also a lot of information available about surgery but I’m not about to put my life in someone’s hands because he read about it online.

    Granted real estate is not rocket science but an experienced agent will provide value for each client to help them take care of their most important and expensive asset.

    And if you are ever in the market for a home in Northern Colorado I’d be happy to show you around!

  2. Mike,

    I love my Mom and she is a Realtor. Most of my friends are Realtors and they are very ethical and honest in their work. But I have over the course of the last 25 years run into a number of Realtors who were less than scrupulous.

    I am not taking a shot at Realtors I am merely pointing out that many of those salespeople within the industry act as if they are selling used cars.

    I appreciate and honor your opinion, but for you to assert that “we are advocates first and foremost for the clients” means to me that you have been lucky enough in your career to not have ever run into the type of Realtors that I am describing above.

    I have lived in Washington D.C., LA, and the majority of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the course of my experiences in those locations I have run into the type I described above on a number of occasions.

    The article was a plea for those Realtors who were feeling the pressure to sell. It was simply meant to provide a glimpse of what most people loathe-the stereotypical pressure sales tactics that many salespeople still employ.

    If I am in the Fort Collins area for a Colorado St. football game I will stop by and say hi. Best of luck.


  3. Great article and great responses. I think pretty much everything written above is true. We ARE salespeople. And as with any industry, there are those of us that are advocates and there are those of us that just want the steak knives (ABC!).

    But Mike’s comment about Real Estate not being rocket science is about perfect. It isn’t…but as the average person may buy/sell real estate 2-5 times (??) in their lives, they need someone that has more experience to watch out for them. And that is hopefully what we are doing for our clients. Not just taking orders, but actively watching out for their interests.

    That is how I approach it.

    Dean, great article and good stuff to think about.

  4. Scott,

    Welcome! Your comment is greatly appreciated and you truly get it. I could not have summed up the situation any better than you have right here. The fact remains true: people do not have your expertise and they should always “have someone that has more experience to watch out for them.”

    Now “Ricky” would never have to worry about the steak knives but poor Ed Harris “. . . you drive a car worth less than this watch and that’s who the _uck I am!”

    That entire movie makes me break out into a cold sweat! Thanks again Scott.


  5. Dear Schmooze,

    Thanks for the kind words! I love your blog it is great. Btw the article on the $35.95 “water” front property was beautiful. Sort of like a “pet rock” for those of us who will never own Hawaiian waterfront property.


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