5 Tips To Generate Realtor Site Content: A Beginners Guide To Creating Your “Content” Library

The biggest complaint Realtor’s harbor when deciding on beginning a blog is the task of coming up with new and fresh articles day in and day out. Although many other obstacles, of much greater importance, stand in the way of adoption, generating content seems to be the biggest fear. Stop making excuses, stop being afraid of the unknown, here are a few simple tips to help you find your content:

1. Notebook or Notebook: Always keep one of the following tools with you everywhere you go. Either carry a small paper notebook and pencil or your notebook computer. Ideas can and will strike you at anytime during the day or at night. Do not let these ideas slip into the abyss of your untraceable memory. Write or type everything down. The alternative to this method is to use your cell phone to record a “memo” of a content idea or a small tape recorder ala “Mission Impossible.” The blog http://theblogexperiment.com is a great resource and they give great reasons to “write everything down.”

By implementing this practice, you will find ideas throughout your work day or in conversation with others.

2. Mine Your Email: Within your email archive lies a library of content ideas. Look for situations where you have “fixed” a problem for a client. Search for newsletter or correspondence from information sources with industry information pertinent to your niche. Finally Scour through and identify actions you have taken to help someone else or answers you have provided. These are blog articles waiting to happen!

3. Lists or Guides: Often thought of as linkbaiting (a subject for another post), compiling a article about a list of “do’s or don’ts”, a list of “tips” (sound familiar), or a “How to Guide” is considered the most popular types of content to provide your readers. Simply put, we all love to learn and these types of articles garner readership. How do you find tips, lists, or guide material? Take an inventory of your business niche and expertise. What do you know that would help others? What “secrets” or “tips” do you know that would help save people time or money? Get the picture? You are an authority on something. Bring that knowledge forward to your readers.

4. Research Your Competition: Go to Google Blog Search or Google Search and begin to identify the top bloggers in your region and your niche business. Make a list of their “themes”, “Tips-Lists-Guides” articles, and observe the comments that these bloggers are receiving. Now if you agree with an article then write one with your positive analysis. If you disagree with an article then make an argument for a better solution; support your solution and present it as a compare and contrast article.

5. Read, Read, Read: Online news sites are popular but what about a site that crams everything from mainstream news down to Web 2.0 mashable sites with multiple media deliveries ie video, audio, text. Try www.popurls.com as a source of fantastic content ideas. Popurl provides bullet point, easy to follow, descriptions of stories that are categorized for the reader. Each point is a link to an article. Each link then opens the door to a world of content within the site you are visiting.

Tip: If you are mining for content in another blog then look at that blog’s blogroll or outgoing links. Those sources will open up even more content sources with similar information as the original link you followed. My investigation of popurls led me to Guy Kawasaki a truly gifted speaker and a dynamo full of content ideas. See Guy’s article on popurls here:


These 5 Tips will help you begin to aggregate ideas for content boosting your confidence and demonstrating once again that the only thing stopping you from success is you yourself.


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