What Is the Significance of November 22 Besides Thanksgiving Day? The 44 Year Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination

I do not profess to be a historian nor am I a political activist. Yet November 22, yesterday, came and passed as our Thanksgiving Day celebration. Nowhere and I mean nowhere in mainstream media, print or television, was there a mention that November 22, 2007 marks the 44 year anniversary of the assasination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy our country’s greatest hope for justice and peace.

Yes 44 years is not a round number or one that we traditionally celebrate or mourn an anniversary in this country. But it is very significant that we continue to pretend that the assassination of one of this country’s greatest statesman was nothing more than a single act carried out by a lone gunman bent on taking political Cold War action for his beloved Cuba.

The proof that this was a coup led by our government to silence JFK permanently is everywhere-except in our mainstream media. Without listing the facts regarding the trajectory of a bullet, the lack of a standard operating procedure Secret Service advance recon trip to Dallas, that Kennedy and his brother were alienating and attempting to prosecute the very mobsters that helped them get elected, and the most important fact of all that Kennedy was dead set against a Vietnam invasion you can come to a serious conclusion by watching the video (above) of Kennedy’s ride into danger.

The tape, provided by brasschecktv.com, is a template for what seems so obvious yet is never talked about or brought up in this event. Where were the Secret Service agents assigned to act as “human shields” by standing up on the special back bumper of Kennedy’s limo that day? When you watch the tape, it is clear and plain that the agents who were assigned to act as the shields were ordered off the bumper and away from the limo. This can be seen plainly as one of the agents acts astonished and defiant in his reaction to the order.

The only answer that we can come to is that the agents were ordered away from the back bumper so that the snipers, no not just one sniper, would have a clear unencumbered shot at killing the president. There IS ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFIABLE EXPLANATION FOR THIS ORDER TO BE GIVEN-NONE.

The only reason it happened was for the aforementioned reason-our government was in on a plot to kill Kennedy in order to move Johnson into the White House. The original target was JFK’s brother Bobby for his zealot like attempted prosecution of high ranking mafia Dons most notably the most powerfu, unknown to the public, man of all Calogero Minacore aka Carlos Marcello.


Courtesy Wikipedia

Marcello wanted both brothers dead and he was a friend to the CIA and many in our government having been the original “contractor” to be considered for the assasination of Fidel Castro.

Consequently our government wanted a Vietnam War for profit, the most powerful in the mafia wanted the Kennedy’s dead, and our covert organizations ie CIA wanted to use the mob as hitmen as well as get involved in a War. All of the things that JFK stood for and was attempted to bring to America were a threat to the power base in this country.

Consequently our Thanksgiving dinners were enjoyed, we recognized and remembered our family members, and we celebrated our country. What did you do to remember one of our greatest leaders? God be with you John F. Kennedy!


9 thoughts on “What Is the Significance of November 22 Besides Thanksgiving Day? The 44 Year Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for dropping by today. I have had a passing interest in this American tragedy for sometime now. I am sure many would dispute my views on this subject but I am convinced. I hope it gave you information from the “other side of the coin.” Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. There was no conspiracy. It was one nut-job who took out the leader of the greatest nation. As a kid, I used to believe in a conspiracy. No more. It was Oswald and that was it. Kennedy had his admirers and his detractors. It didn’t matter if the resident was Kennedy, Eisenhower, or Johnson. Oswald wanted to kill someone that would make him famous. A bullet from Ruby ended Oswald’s 15 minutes of fame as he would experience it. I remember as a child hearing people say “Oh, you’re from the Dallas, the city that killed Kennedy.” That lasted until the 80’s brought us the tv show “Dallas” and JR. You should have tuned to PBS or the History channel for the anniversary, If you get the chance, then you should see “The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy” – http://www.history.com/shows.do?action=detail&episodeId=253483

    • I disagree with you and I well remember that day. If you really look into this, as many have done, your statement of ‘no conspiracy’ just does not hold water. JFK was a threat to the powers of that day, as was his brother later and King later than that. JFK had already began his plans for civil rights for Blacks. Now if you think the powers of the day were not involved, then you were not really paying attention at the time, not like many of us. In retrospect, it is easier to see the conspiracy of that day now than back then.

  3. TJ,

    We agree to disagree. I am 47 so I was too young to have clear memories of the event. Here is the best resource I have read, I have studied this case for the past 25 years, with the most plausible answers: “Contract On America: The Mafia Murder of President John F. Kennedy.” The author is David E. Scheim and the book is 485 pages. The book has 125 pages of Notes which include every source. Sources from the Warren Commission, publications, books, historical interviews and nationally archived documents.

    It is worth the read if you have the time.


  4. Dean, we will agree to disagree. However, I used to think there was a conspiracy. If you do get a chance to watch the History Channel special, then you may be amazed as I was on how it takes on all of the different conspiracy theories.

  5. I have been reading a lot about JFK and what likely happened that day…
    I was a kid when he died and living in Canada. My mother believed in JFK and that day was a true shock world wide. He was the hope for the future… which was lost that very day. No other President since has had the balls do tackle what JFK did. He was a true intellectual whose dream of ending world poverty was too much for the political snakes of that day.
    Search a website called SOTT (sign of the times).. It is a great site! that offers alternative news.

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