Sitemeter A Blogger’s “Bloodhound”: Union Bank of California-Haven Exchange Scenario A Case Study For Blogger Analytics

Although I have written an article extolling the usefulness of Sitemeter, the fantastic traffic monitoring tool for bloggers, my recent experience with the article “Haven Exchange’s “1031 Transparency”: Will This Model Prevent 1031 Exchange Fraud or Embezzlement In The Future” is a fantastic example of Sitemeter’s utility-value to a blogger. In this article I outlined Haven Exchange’s “transparency program and their partnership with Union Bank of California. I presented their information and value proposition as well as their challenge to the 1031 industry to adopt their transparency program. Finally I presented my analysis which consisted of one question regarding a two signature policy for all accounts during the exchange process. Hopefully both Union Bank and Haven Exchange enjoyed the article and the subsequent readership and exposure it is receiving.


The results of this article are very important for bloggers. Sitemeter provided a very close look at the traffic I received the day I released this article. In order to understand your readership, it is critical to invest time in analyzing either sitemeter or other traffic monitoring sites. Here are the very interesting facts that sitemeter provided me, real time on November 12 the day of the article, in regards to the readership of this one article:

1. Domain Name: Union Bank of California’s domain name was showing up in a large number in Whittier and Los Angeles.

2. ISP Addresses: Union Bank of California had at last count 21 separate ISP addresses that were reading the article.

3. Page Views: 93 is my all time high for one day on one article. To date the article has been read 196 times in nine days.

4. Visit Length: To my astonishment, 5 Union Bank of California ISP addresses remained on deansguide for 96, 56, 48, 35, 31 minutes respectively and the other 16 ISP addresses, combined with these five, spent over 5 HOURS ON my site.

5. Location by Country: This identifies the country, city, state, or region from which traffic is coming to your site.

Conclusion: Sitemeter gives statistics in a real time format that can be followed and examined throughout the day. It identifies locations of traffic which can reveal new trends or popularity in places you never imagined. I am big in Serbia for some unexplained reason. In addition it shows time spent on your site, pages viewed, and what is being read. This information allows you to concentrate on subject matter that is popular essentially customizing your message to your audience. It is, in my opinion, the end all be all and beginning point for a blogger in understanding the importance of statistical analysis of their traffic. Besides, if you are a stat geek like me you will absolutely love it!

Thanks go out to the people at Union Bank of California and Haven’s Exchange for their readership.


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