“84 Percent of Journalists Okay Blogs As A Source For News Articles”: 2007 Arketi Web Watch Survey Validates Bloggers As Viable Content Source For National Media


In what must be a surprise to those who do not understand blogging and others who hold fast to the traditional print media supremacy within the world of information distribution, the respected Arketi Group’s “Web Watch Survey” reports that “when it comes to using blogs as primary or secondary sources for articles, 84 percent of journalist say they would or already have.” This admission by main stream journalists points to the relevance of blogging as a viable and important information source, it indicates that blogging is no longer a hobbyists endeavor, and it culminates the suspicions that the main stream media is being forced (kicking and screaming) into the new delivery channel that is the internet. Thanks to Tim at blogburst, and the Center for Media Research, for the following information in his great article “Journalists Using Blogs As Sources.” Asked how they use the internet journalists replied:


* 100% of the journalists interviewed say they rely on the internet for content

* 98% say reading news

* 97% say emailing

* 93% say finding news sources

* 89% say finding story ideas

* 72% say reading blogs (I suspect this number is actually higher)

* 67% say watching webinars or webcasts

Conclusion: Although I consult to the real estate industry, all industry must investigate and observe this shift in main stream media. Niches like law firms, insurance brokers, medical and dental practitioners, and other service providers must consider the advantages to blogging. Most of the aforementioned niches are not yet populated or overrun with well established blogs. The timing is right right now to get started in claiming your piece of the Google “Land Grab” aka Google search(s) page one top 10 spots for important searches within your industry.


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