Rupert Murdoch Drops Wall St. Journal Online Subscription Fees: Blogging aka Citizen Journalism’s Impact on Traditional Media-Do You Get It Mr. & Mrs. Realtor?


Courtesy of Europe picked up this article 

In what should be viewed with interest, as well as delight, by bloggers and main stream media corporations, Rupert Murdoch has announced plans to drop subscription fees for the Wall Street Journal online service according to According to Associated Press sources Murdoch is simply “. . . trading subscription fees for anticipated ad revenue.” Congratulations are in order as another very large media entity is transitioning from traditional channels to the new and growing online delivery system.

1. Do you get what is happening in the American media landscape Mr. & Mrs. Realtor?

2. Do you understand that print media giants like Murdoch understand the breathe and reach of their online businesses?

3. Do you see that citizen journalists aka bloggers just like yourself can and will provide the inertia driving marketing and media to online channels and away from traditional formats in the near future?

4. Do you understand the effect that this move from print to net will mean for your business going forward today and in the future?

These questions can be answered by doing a simple investigation. Go to Google and begin to research all of the key words that describe your business and how a consumer would find you online. Search your city, town, neighborhood, county with terms such as the following ” Your City Realtor.” Broaden your search by adding more descriptive words such as a neighborhood, real estate specialty ie broker-buyer’s agent-foreclosure expert, or any other words that would describe who and what your business is about. Do you show up on the first page in one of the top 10 spots in any of these Google searches?

Conclusion: Online marketing is a Realtor’s new best weapon in the fight for recognition, reputation management, lead generation, and gathering information from consumers. Pay attention and take action!

If you paid for a sponsored link that is fine but remember that most consumers viewthese sponsored links, at the top of Google search page one and on the right sidebar, as blatant sales advertisements. Often these sponsored links do not provide much traffic because of the nature of this perception.


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