Blogisphere Call To Arms: Does Anybody Know What Happened To

Sopranos ep504.jpg La Cerva

My timing, like my jump shot, has been off lately and in the case of my article “Web Directories, Powerful Habit Forming Statistical Madness: Web Directory Ranking Stats Like “Fantasy Blogging League” I just threw up a brick! In this post, I named my two favorite Web Directories: aka Blogtopsite and

Late last night I am checking my stats, like any good geek, and I notice that my “button” for is down. I click on it and I receive the dreaded “Server not Responding” that ugly gray screen that asks you to refresh. I decide to go to bed chalking my experience up to my computer or network glitch.

This morning nothing has changed. I immediately did a Google search and I drilled down into a number of combinations with blogtoplist. Nothing! It is as if the plug was pulled, the lights turned off and “the party’s over” as Dandy Don of MNF fame used to sing. Where’s Waldo, Home Alone, and the fate of poor Andriana ChristophA’s girlfriend who met a 9mm fate in a New Jersey pine barren are not as sudden as the vanishing act that blogtoplist is pulling.

I miss my statistical coffee clatch, my ritual pouring over my latest slide or climb, and my name in “lights” albeit dim ones. Please come back I miss the fantasy fun!

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