San Francisco Oil Spill Disaster Solution: “Frozen Smoke” Amazing Answer To Environmental Accidents

malta-star-frozen-smoke-aerogel.jpg of Europe picked up this article 

An American chemist in 1931, fueled by a bet, invented the earliest formula for what today’s scientists are calling this generations greatest scientific discovery according to The substance is named Aerogel and it is one of the lightest solids in the world. Aerogel is strong enough to withstand a “1kg dynamite explosion and protect against heat from a blowtorch at more than 1,300C. According to 1,300C aka Celsius equates to 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nicknamed “frozen smoke”, Aerogel is made by extracting water from a silica gel and replacing it with a gas such as carbon dioxide according to Northwestern University professor Mercouri Kanatzidis. One of it’s greatest uses will be in absorbing pollution from liquids.

Scientist Mark Krajewski says Aerogel is “the ultimate spounge” with millions of tiny spores on it’s surface making it ideal for absorbing pollutants in water. Consequently the hopes for the near future are to implement “frozen smoke” as a green alternative to waste elimination during a disaster like what has happened in the San Francisco bay.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has begun an investigation into the cause of the massive spill with plans to prosecute the companies and individuals responsible. Hopefully Mr. Newsom will also investigate alternative and new effective technologies in solving this disaster.

One last shot of Aerogel doing it’s thing. This is a tiny “slab” of Aerogel, the size of a graham cracker, protecting wax crayons from a blowtorch flame-amazing!



Web Directories, Powerful Habit Forming Statistical Madness: Web Directory Ranking Stats Like “Fantasy Blogging League”


Have you ever participated in a football, basketball, or baseball “Fantasy” league? You become the coach or manager of your team. You build the team by drafting players, monitor their performance by pouring over stats, and you make critical decisions about who to keep and who to cut. All the while you become gradually addicted to this onslaught of player’s statistics, analysis, rankings, and the results your efforts bring to you. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

Web directories are a powerful and quick method to garner recognition, drive traffic to your blog, and create buzz. Statistics on unique visitors, headline impressions, page views, and a mind numbing plethora of statistics about performance can be followed on any number of web directories.

In addition to this statistical chain-smoking like habit of stat watching web directories offer, you have the opportunity to display your score with a neat widget! Yes part of the addiction is the fact that you can watch your ranking score go up or down on a minute by minute basis. Like the fantasy sports analogy, you have the option of cutting web directories that don’t seem to be effective or powerful enough tools.


The following are a few of the directories that I use or have used in the past:

1. aka Blogtopsite is my favorite web directory. The statistical fun is in the fact that they provide a number of categories in which to chose. Each category is then ranked by unique visitors to your blog. In addition they show page views and hits out aka traffic they have sent to your blog as a result of your placement in the directory. The fun is that you can watch the running totals all day long and follow your surge up or plunge down the rankings.

For added clarity, under your stats is a link “view deansguide details.” This provides numbers for unique visitors, page views, and hits out on a daily, weekly, and monthly running total. In addition this page has a nice screen shot of your blog site, the tags you use, and a very cool graph of “unique visitors and page views” for the past 31 days. This allows you to quickly chart your progress. For the statistical junkie in us all this is the best web directory available in my experience.

2. This is another fun statistical habit forming site. It is based on unique visitor traffic and “unique votes” to make up the formula for their ranking system. Although not quite as rich in statistical habit forming content, Blogtoplist does a very nice job in formatting your unique visits, total uniques, incoming, outgoing, and total out. It is compiled on a weekly basis. The other wild card difference here vs Blogflux is that Blogtoplist allows people to vote for their favorite blog. Each vote counts as 100 unique visits. In my opinion that is a joke because it tends to appear that a number of bloggers vote for themselves or have friends stuff the ballot box. Consequently the rankings are often skewed but most bloggers know who the culprits are in this case. It is still fun to watch your traffic grow.

There are so many other sites that it is mind numbing. One noteworthy site,, has a completely different business model which I will highlight in a upcoming feature. For now, have fun, be safe, be sane, and stat watching is habit forming!